Israeli strikes on southern Gaza kills 18 people, including 14 children

An overnight Israeli airstrike on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza killed 18 people, most of them children, as US lawmakers moved forward with a package to send millions of dollars to Israel. Kuwait hospital officials said the first Israeli airstrike killed a man, his wife and their 3-year-old child, according to the Associated […]

House overwhelmingly passes $26 billion aid to Israel, Gaza as tensions with Iran escalate

The House of Representatives showed overwhelming bipartisan support for a $26 billion foreign aid bill that would provide funding to Israel and humanitarian aid to Gaza. The bill predictably polarized the most right-wing and left-wing members of Congress. The former is furious about the State Department’s $9 billion in aid to civilians in Gaza, and […]

Palestinians Hit the Beach in Gaza

Palestinians are flocking to Gaza’s beaches this week as families take advantage of soaring temperatures and a lull in fighting in much of the region. A displaced Palestinian boy plays with a dog on a beach in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, as people seek shelter from the high temperatures inside evacuation […]

Biden confuses Israeli city with Rafah in Gaza: ‘Don’t move on Haifa!’

President Biden made a stunning blunder on Tuesday by confusing the Israeli port city of Haifa with Rafah, the last refuge for civilians in the Gaza Strip. The 81-year-old president made a gaffe during a one-on-one interview with Nexstar Media’s Reshad Hudson when asked about his plans to win back pro-Palestinian voters in the wake […]

On The Bombing of the Gaza Strip

2000 Palestinians have been killed since Israel has started retaliatory air strikes into the Gaza Strip.  These are big numbers; bigger than Israel can put up, which is important, cause this is a war all about numbers. Just ask all the people talking about ceasefires and peace and proportion and other big powerful words which […]

The Biden Administration’s Dangerous Solutions For Gaza

Biden administration officials believe that the Palestinian Authority (PA), headed by Mahmoud Abbas, should be brought back to the Gaza Strip after the Iran-backed Hamas terrorist group is removed from power. The officials, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, appear convinced that the Gaza Strip and the West Bank should be unified in the post-Hamas era. […]


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