Gazans Describe Terrifying Evacuation From Hospital

Israeli military operations in Gaza have since killed more than 29,000 Palestinians. Gunshots echoed around Palestinian doctors, patients and refugees during a horribly chaotic nighttime evacuation from Nasser Hospital in the Gaza Strip after Israeli forces stormed the hospital. Survivors of last week’s attack on Gaza’s second-largest hospital said they then faced a treacherous walk […]

Displaced Gazans Seek Shelter In Cemetery

More than half of Gaza’s 2.3 million people are currently trapped in Rafah. (File) Rafa: Mahmoud Amer and his family, who were repeatedly displaced by Israeli military attacks on Gaza, now pitch a tent near the tombstones in the Rafah cemetery, the last place of relative safety in the devastated land. . Dozens of family […]

Gazans Get Medical Care On French Hospital Ship As Health System Collapses

Gaza's medical system has almost completely collapsed, and hospitals are overwhelmed. El Arish, Egypt: On a French warship off the coast of Egypt, wounded Palestinians are receiving medical care that is largely unavailable in the besieged Gaza Strip after months of war. Abdulrahman Iyad, seated in a wheelchair, holds his hands in his lap and […]

Israel, Hamas Reach 3-Month Deal To Get Medicine To Gazans, Hostages

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office confirmed the agreement. Doha, Qatar: After mediation between Doha and Paris, Qatar and Israel, a deal allowing medical supplies to be delivered to hostages in Gaza and aid to the region was announced on Tuesday. In a statement to the state-run Qatar News Agency (QNA), Doha said: “Medicine along […]

Israel faces genocide charges at World Court; Gazans return to wasteland

Israel faced accusations of genocide in the Gaza war at the World Court on Thursday, as the first inhabitants returned to the northern region from which Israeli forces began to withdraw, leaving behind a scene of utter devastation. Three months of Israeli shelling have devastated much of the narrow coastal enclave, killing more than 23,000 […]

Ex-Terrorist Predicts Thousands of Gazans Will Accept Jesus

A former terrorist predicts that thousands of Gazans will turn to Christ as the war between Israel and Hamas continues. said Tasir “Tas” Abu Saada, a former member of the Fatah terrorist group who became a Christian in the 1990s. Joel RosenbergThe American-Israeli communications strategist said he believes Gazans will convert from Islam to Christianity […]

Private Zoo In Rafah, Where Gazans Live Among Animals Amid War

According to the zoo's owner, four of the monkeys have already died and the fifth is so weak that it cannot even feed itself. Gaza: At Rafah Zoo, 12 weeks after the Israeli attack, dozens of destitute Gazans are camped between cages where starving monkeys, parrots and lions scream for food. . The bombing, which […]

Israel Gaza War Beaten, Burnt, Urinated Upon Gazans’ Account Of Torture By Israel Army

Israel launches attack on Gaza in retaliation for October 7 attack (File) Three Palestinian brothers rounded up by Israel in the Gaza Strip say they and their fellow detainees suffered abuse during their detention, including being beaten, having their underwear stripped and being burned with cigarettes. Ta. Sobhi Yasseen and his brothers Sadi and Ibrahim […]


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