Media: Gen Z is Doomed

Years after the fact, the mainstream media is discovering that Gen Z is doomed. As CNN puts it, Gen Z is “earning less, has more debt, and higher delinquency rates than Millennials did at their age.” In short, the pandemic did a number on Gen Z, followed by a wallop from Bidenflation, lagging wages, and […]

Why Only 16% of Gen Z Are Proud to Be an American, and What We Should Do About It

Only 16% of Gen Zers are “proud” to live in the United States. That finding comes from a recent Morning Consult poll, which assessed generational attitudes about the United States. The poll shows that there has been roughly a 20-percentage-point drop of pride in country every generation since the Baby Boomers, 73% of whom express pride […]

Gen Z says ‘genius’ laundromat dates help them save money — and fall more in love

Agnèssa and Emilio Navarro love to talk dirty. Dirty shirt, dirty socks, dirty underwear. Rather than bouquets of roses and flickering candles, a bag of soiled clothes is often the focal point of the newlyweds’ romantic rendezvous. As the inflation crisis continues, thrifty Gen Z couples like Agnès and Emilio Navarro are embarking on cost-free […]

Student loan debt: Gen X, boomers borrowed more money than other generations

See what’s clicking on Amid the 2024 presidential campaign, student loan debt and forgiveness have become a hot topic for American voters as college graduates struggle to contribute to their loan tabs. Nationally, Gen . “The total federal debt in the United States is $1.727 trillion, or 92.8% of the total.” scholarship “The remaining […]

Gen Z: Reject coddling and discover your true potential

For at least two generations, the West has raised spoiled, stunted children. Millennials have had maturity problems that their younger counterparts didn’t. Gen Z is even worse. When I criticize the shortcomings of the younger generation, as I state here, it is not out of pride. I am not trying to “catch” them. My ego […]

More Gen Zers in UK Open to Faith Than Other Age Groups, Study Shows

According to a new study: The Impact of Faith on Life Research Institute According to (IIFL), the majority of Gen Z in the UK are more interested in religion than any other age group. The study found that while 69 percent of respondents aged 18-24 believe their faith has a major influence on their life, […]

Why Gen Z, Alpha have embraced the slang ‘fax, no printer’

Their slang game includes Rizun To new heights. Generation Z and Alpha are incorporating old technology from the 1990s into their already obscure slang. But their latest phrase is “No fax, no printer.” A TikToker spoke out in 2021 and became a hot topic. — has little to do with outdated office devices from before […]

Don’t be fooled by college protests, Gen Z wants dialogue on Israel and Palestine

After two weeks of raucous campus protests, it is clear that universities are battlegrounds for U.S. dialogue about the war in Gaza.from Israeli student interference go to class, go to demonstrators break the window and hundreds of student arrestthese incidents clearly demonstrate how Gen Z navigates dialogue and dissent. However, that’s wrong. We are seeing […]

Conservative values Gen Z should adopt for a fulfilling life

Amidst the cacophony of culture war rhetoric, members of Generation Z must forge their own path through the maze of life choices. But Gen Z faces a barrage of harmful indoctrination from government, media, and academia. Gen Z is tomorrow’s torchbearers, and we need them to contribute in a productive and meaningful way. The nation’s […]