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Gender-affirming care restrictions added to Senate NDAA

The Senate’s annual defense policy bill would ban the military from paying for surgeries for transgender soldiers, a move made possible by Sen. Joe Manchin, R-Indiana, who joined Republicans in a committee vote. The bill, added in a private amendment by the Senate Armed Services Committee last month to the bill known as the National […]

Trans state legislators slam White House opposition to gender-affirming surgery for minors

A group of transgender and non-binary state lawmakers sent a letter to the Biden administration criticizing the decision to oppose gender reassignment surgery for minors. in letterThe lawmakers said transgender youth in America have been subject to relentless legislative attacks from right-wing politicians in recent years. The biggest thing Republicans have done, they argued, is […]

College Program Promotes ‘Gender-Affirming’ Sneezing Lessons To Mimic Opposite Sex

A college in New York will launch a program in the spring 2025 semester designed to teach “gender-diverse individuals” how to sneeze, cough and change their voices to “match their identities.” Russell Sage College’s “Gender-Affirming Voice Program” will also teach attendees to “explore aspects of voice, like pitch, inflection, resonance, articulation, and loudness,” according to its […]

Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Suggests an Inconvenient Aspect of ‘Gender-Affirming Care

The vast majority of mass shooters are male, and male biochemistry helps to explain why. Yet the person who opened fire at Nashville’s Covenant School was biologically female. Higher amounts of the hormone testosterone give men larger muscles, more significant skeletal muscle, and a higher percentage of red blood cells. Testosterone also tends to give men unwarranted self-confidence and […]

18-year-old attempted a so-called “gender-affirming” surgery at home on themselves after watching a “how to” video on YouTube

An 18-year-old woman attempted a so-called “gender reassignment surgery” at home after watching a “how-to” video on YouTube. However, the biological female from New Zealand was rushed to hospital after attempting a self-mastectomy at home. The individual, named in the report as “Patient Z,” was reportedly waiting for female-to-male gender reassignment surgery, but was reportedly […]

Prisha Mosley Wins Legal Victory In Groundbreaking Lawsuit Against “Gender-Affirming” Medical Professionals

Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) announced a landmark victory in detransitioner and IWF Ambassador Prisha Mosley’s lawsuit after the first substantive hearing in her case against “gender-affirming” medical professionals took place, making this case the first detransitioner lawsuit of its kind is ruled legally viable and allowed to move forward in the court of law in the United […]

‘They’ll create second sets of genitals’: WPATH Files author tells Glenn Beck about ‘gender-affirming care’ mutilations

The arguments of gender ideologues around sex-reassignment mutilation and so-called “gender-affirming care” have collapsed in recent months, prompting some Western governments to put the brakes on their nightmarish medicalization plans. Apology from former collaborator.Nationally syndicated radio host and co-founder of Blaze Media glenn beck On Wednesday, we spoke with one of the people responsible for […]

Federal court says states can’t exclude gender-affirming care 

jury panel Voted 8 to 6 The policies of both countries will be withdrawn. Although attorneys representing both states argued that their policies were evidence-based; for purely economic reasonsJustice Roger Gregory said in the majority opinion that the restriction was “clearly discriminatory.” “We affirm the district court because we find that the exemption constitutes facial […]