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Colorado Woman Wrestles ‘Peeping Tom’ in Gender-Neutral Dressing Room

On Saturday, a Colorado woman was forced to subdue and detain a suspected “peeping tom” she noticed creepy behavior while trying on clothes in a department store fitting room. Michelle Chandler posted a video of the disturbing incident at Nordstrom in Lakewood on Instagram, showing her pinning a young man to the ground, saying the […]

Arkansas rolls back gender-neutral driver’s license policy

Arkansas will no longer allow the use of “X” for gender on driver’s licenses, state regulators announced Tuesday, reversing a policy targeting non-binary people. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration said the change is being made to “protect” state IDs. The agency also announced it would make it more difficult for transgender people to […]

California retailers now required to have gender-neutral toy aisles

(KTLA) – major retailers of California A new state law that took effect Monday requires gender-neutral toy aisles. The new law requires retail department stores that are physically located in California and have 500 or more employees to “maintain gender-neutral sections or areas and label them at the retailer's discretion.” There is. New California law […]

Expert Predicts Popularity of Gender-Neutral Baby Names in 2024

Experts predict that even more parents are likely to give their babies “gender-neutral” names by 2024. Baby name expert Steph Coffield predicts that birth certificates in the United States will become gender-neutral next year, with “last name as first name.” new york post report on monday. The 40-year-old Minnesota-based baby name consultant acknowledged that increasing […]

Florida teacher fired after using gender-neutral honorific ‘Mx.’

A Florida teacher has accused her former employer of violating her civil rights after she was fired for using the gender-neutral title “Mx” instead of “Ms” in her email signature. or “Mr.” — a direct opponent of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ controversial “Don’t Say I’m Gay” law. Av Vallee, who taught physics at Florida Virtual […]

Newsom signs law requiring gender-neutral bathrooms in California schools by 2026

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday signed a bill requiring K-12 schools in the state to have gender-neutral restrooms by July 2026. “Each school district, county department of education, and charter school” is required to provide at least one gender-neutral restroom on campus by July 1, 2026, and that restroom must be open during school […]