A24 Facing Backlash over ‘Civil War’ Promotional Artwork Apparently Generated by AI

Distributor A24 faces public backlash after it was revealed that it used AI technology to generate promotional artwork for a film civil war. Images officially posted by A24 this week instagram accountdepicting a city torn apart by war. civil war However, these are consistent with the film’s setting, an America that has disintegrated into warring […]

Taylor Swift Has Generated $331 Million in Brand Value for the NFL

An analysis of the fuss Taylor Swift has brought to the NFL shows that thanks to all the publicity and social media buzz she’s generated with her romance with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, she’s brought in 300 million dollars to the league. It was found to have resulted in a $31 million increase […]

George Carlin Estate Sues over Fake Comedy Special Purportedly Generated by AI

LOS ANGELES (AP) — George Carlin's estate is suing the media company behind a fake one-hour comedy special that allegedly used artificial intelligence to recreate the late stand-up comic's style and material. filed a lawsuit. A lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Los Angeles asks a judge to order podcast distribution company Dudessy to […]

Michael Cohen admits to inadvertently citing fake cases generated by AI in legal motion

Former President Trump's former fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen alleges in a filing released Friday that a fake lawsuit generated by artificial intelligence in connection with a motion seeking an early end to his supervised release. He admitted that he had mistakenly given the citation to his lawyer. U.S. District Judge Jesse M. Furman previously […]

Adidas says latest batch of Yeezy sales generated nearly $160M in Q3

Sportswear giant Adidas on Tuesday raised its profit forecast and lowered its expected loss for 2023, citing strong Yeezy shoe sales and core business strength. The German company said it expected an operating loss of about 100 million euros ($106 million) in 2023, down from a previously expected 450 million euros. “The company’s results for […]