Ravens’ Lamar Jackson shot to exorcise 2019 playoff ghosts is here

BALTIMORE — Lamar Jackson's Ravens will face the Texans on Saturday afternoon in an AFC Divisional Playoff game. Jackson also faces the specter of the 2019 season. You remember Jackson's 2019 season, right? In his first full season as an NFL starter, he was unstoppable. He won league MVP honors and the Ravens went 14-2 […]

Europe’s populist ghosts are coming for Biden

Europe is starting to fall apart, due in no small part to the Biden administration’s lack of resolve to quickly end the Ukraine conflict with a decisive victory against Russia. President Biden is giving oxygen to anti-war populist European voices such as Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, Robert Fico of Slovakia and Viktor Orbán of […]

The ghosts of Gaza | The Hill

To begin this column, terrorists fired thousands of rockets and attacked civilian areas in an unprovoked, large-scale attack on Israel. I remembered another moment from 18 years ago. It’s an amazing, defining moment that definitively proved who was right and who was wrong in this weekend’s brutal attack. That was in August 2005. As a […]

Brain teaser: Can you find the 3 ghosts hidden among the pandas?

A graphic artist is testing everyone’s attention to detail with a digital hidden object brain teaser that will get you in the Halloween spirit. Gergely Dudash from Budapest, Hungary shared his vacation visual puzzle Fox News Digital features three hidden ghosts among a group of pandas. This “Bootiful” cartoon features a bunch of furry black […]

Sam Darnold saw ghosts at George Kittle’s pool house

Sam Darnold currently has two experiences with ghosts. The former Jets quarterback, who signed with the team this offseason and is one of the 49ers’ favorites to start, said he was staying at star tight end George Kittle’s pool house during the OTAs this summer. I have experienced several encounters that I can only say […]

Satanic runes, ghosts inside one of the ‘most haunted homes in the world’

It’s not the White House that most tourists line up to see. Known as Jose Flores @josefloresterror I recently explored one of the “Most Haunted Houses in the World” in Mexico on TikTok. within 2 minutes videoIn a resurfaced clip from last year, Flores performed “La leyenda de la Casa Blanca” (which translates to “The […]


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