ROOKE: Is The TikTok Ban Bill A Blow To China Or Gift For Biden?

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday called the Protecting Americans from Applications Controlled by Foreign Adversaries Act. Although the bill is intended to curb the influence of China and other adversaries on the United States, its broad language and unilateral powers given to the executive branch mean that in reality it A […]

2024 Oscars Lavish Nominees with Gift Bags Worth 3x the Average American’s Income

With only the Academy Awards ceremony left, attendees at the event are busy worrying about dresses and tuxedos and finalizing their acceptance speeches. But you don’t have to worry about the gift bag getting stiff, because this year’s prizes have soared to the equivalent of about $180,000, even though the average American earns less than […]

Jason Kelce Got An Absolutely Amazing Retirement Gift From Fans — A Beer Keg

Eagles fans are legendary for this. Monday was a very emotional day, to say the least, for future Hall of Famer Jason Kelce, his family, and the entire Philadelphia Eagles fan base after the superstar announced his retirement from the NFL. It was a special day. Things got so serious that both Jason and his […]

Toobin: SCOTUS ruling is a ‘gift to Trump’ regardless of outcome

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said the Supreme Court’s decision to consider former President Trump’s presidential immunity claim was a “gift” to him regardless of the outcome. “The #SCOTUS ruling is a gift to Trump, even if the justices ultimately grant immunity and rule against him. The late June decision will close the DC trial on […]

Super Bowl 2024: 49ers gift the Chiefs the lead on massive special teams blunder

of kansas city chiefsThe offense was strong throughout the game. san francisco 49ersHowever, one special teams failure could bring them back to life. Tommy Townsend’s punt hit 49ers defensive back Darrell Luter Jr. in the leg, and returner RayRay McLeod became alert and tried to pick it up. Instead of falling to the ball, McLeod […]

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the military spouse

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love, and for military spouses, it’s an opportunity to express their love despite the distance due to military service. Although not everyone expresses love through gifts, everyone can cherish the shared experience, especially in the context of military life, where physical presence is difficult. Here are some […]