FBI informant charged with giving false information about Hunter Biden in 2020

In exchange for helping Joe Biden and Hunter Biden fire a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, special counsel David Weiss said in court documents released Thursday. The FBI announced that it had indicted an informant who he claimed was paid millions of dollars and gave false information. . Alexander […]

The 10 cities giving Gen Z homebuyers hope right now: Study

(NEXSTAR) – For purchasing a home, american nightmare Rising mortgage rates and home prices have taken a toll on Gen Zers in recent years, but there are some cities that offer new hope in 2024. According to a recent analysis, Point 2 Holmes We found that Gen Z buyers have entry-level incomes, are more likely […]

Georgia Man Arrested After Allegedly Giving Poisoned Paper To Two Officers

A Georgia man was arrested on suspicion of giving documents to two law enforcement officers that caused dizziness and difficulty breathing, Atlanta News First reported Friday. The man, identified as Little Stone III, became ill under mysterious circumstances after two officers allegedly came into contact with him and was taken into custody. according to Go […]

Update on UCLA professor suspended for not giving black students special treatment after George Floyd’s death suing university for $19 million

A UCLA professor has been suspended for not giving preferential treatment to black students in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The professor is suing the University of California, Los Angeles, for more than $19 million over a highly publicized incident that gained national notoriety. Gordon Klein, an accounting lecturer at the Anderson School of […]


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