James Comer Says Biden’s Brother Has ‘Signaled’ That He Will Cooperate In House GOP-Led Probe

Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer said Friday that James Biden’s lawyers have “demonstrated” a willingness to cooperate with investigations into the Biden family’s business dealings. Comer said in a press conference Friday that lawyers for President Joe Biden’s brother have indicated they would cooperate with the House Oversight Committee’s investigation. exterior on Real America’s Voice’s […]

Biden axes GOP-led effort to undo endangered species protections for bat, chicken

President Biden on Tuesday vetoed a Republican-led effort to end endangered species protections for the long-eared bat and brown-eared bulbul. In two veto messages issued Tuesday, he said each effort to lift protections would “undermine America’s proud wildlife conservation tradition” and risk species extinction. Stated. As its name suggests, the long-eared bat is characterized by […]

GOP-Led Probes, Court Rulings Have Throttled The Biden Admin’s Ability To Fund The Censorship Industry

Conservative legal efforts and court rulings are hampering online censorship efforts funded by the Biden administration, The Washington Post reported. Academic researchers and government agencies have reconsidered or canceled efforts funded by the Biden administration to censor online “misinformation” since July’s Missouri v. Biden case. ruling Post to prevent federal agencies from working with social […]

GOP-led states step up with troops, law enforcement to help Texas tackle border woes

As Texas continues to grapple with the ongoing crisis at its southern border, entering its third year this year, the Republican-led state is sending troops, law enforcement and other resources to help secure its southern border. measures are being strengthened. This week, both Tennessee and Nebraska announced they would send personnel to the border, along […]

WH supports GOP-led bill to increase penalties for trafficking Fentanyl

Tablets believed to contain fentanyl are displayed at the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Northeast Regional Laboratory in New York on October 8, 2019. (Photo credit: DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images) OAN’s Noah Herring4:20pm – Monday, May 22, 2023 The White House on Monday endorsed a bill by two House Republicans to toughen penalties for fentanyl trafficking […]

SCOTUS dismisses GOP-led state appeal over Title 42 order’s expiration

The Supreme Court on Thursday already stopped oral arguments and dismissed a pending appeal over the termination of the Title 42 public health order as the Biden administration moves toward lifting all COVID-19 restrictions. . “The Dec. 16, 2022 order of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia for the District of […]


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