Biden Helped Lower Inflation, But Food Companies Are Gouging

On Friday’s FOX Business Network broadcast of “Kabuto: Coast to Coast,” Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo commented on the PCE inflation report, saying that inflation is declining and expects it to continue that way. Food companies need to pass on costs, he said. Savings to consumers. Adeyemo said, [relevant remarks begin around 1:10] “So to […]

Eclipse bringing potential economic windfall to Texas cities, price gouging

(The Center Square) – Monday’s total solar eclipse will cover more areas in Texas than any other state. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and sun and lines up with the sun, blocking all of its light, NASA explains. “As the Moon blocks the Sun’s light, it casts a shadow […]

Dems Blaming Price Gouging Is Undermined by Data, But They Will Enrich Bureaucrats

On Thursday’s CNBC broadcast of “Last Call,” host Brian Sullivan challenged Democrats who are trying to blame inflation on price gouging by pointing out that Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola’s margins were higher than they were before the pandemic. Some Senate Democrats are giving huge financial benefits to bureaucrats, pointing out that the state has […]

Jury orders egg suppliers to pay $17.7 million in damages for price gouging in 2000s

A federal jury in Illinois awards $17.7 million to several food manufacturers suing major egg producers over a conspiracy to limit the U.S. egg supply (the federal amount tripled to $53 million). (above) was ordered to pay compensation for damages. A jury ruled last week that egg producers used a variety of methods to restrict […]

Bloomberg Anchors Laugh At Biden’s ‘Price Gouging’ Inflation Gaslighting

President Joe Biden’s insistence that businesses should lower prices because inflation is falling, and his accusation that not lowering prices amounts to price gouging, was heard Friday morning in a regular segment on Bloomberg TV’s “Surveillance.” caused laughter and derision from the straight-laced casters. “We don’t know who actually wrote this tweet, but it has […]

Biden Doubles Down On Misleading Inflation Claims, Accuses U.S. Business of Price Gouging

President Biden continued his war of words with U.S. companies on Thursday, repeating misleading claims that companies are engaging in “price gouging” if they don’t lower prices despite falling inflation. In a tweet, Mr. Biden rejected the view of most economists on both the left and right, saying that with inflation falling this year, businesses […]

GDP, corporate profits soar as Biden calls out companies for ‘price gouging’

The U.S. economy grew in the third quarter, but there are signs that growth is starting to slow. U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) for the third quarter announced Wednesday was revised to 5.2% growth, beating the initial estimate of 4.9% and marking the highest quarterly growth rate in nearly two years. Corporate profits rose $105.7 […]

Joe Biden Resurrects His Claim That ‘Gouging’ Is At Fault for High Prices

President Joe Biden on Monday once again put the public’s disappointment in the economy in the spotlight, blaming corporate “price gouging” for the high inflation that has battered the U.S. economy for 30 months and left people worried about his administration’s policies. He repeated the accusation that policy. In remarks aimed at boosting public support […]

New York AG warns of price gouging amid poor air quality from Canadian wildfires

New York State Attorney General Letitia James has warned residents to beware of price gouging on essentials like masks, air purifiers and air filters as wildfires in Canada worsen air quality. James issued a consumer alert on Wednesday to warn New Yorkers against taking advantage of consumers by selling “essential goods and services at excessively […]