Endangered freshwater mussels granted federal protection

Federal regulators Wednesday designated two species of freshwater mussels in the United States as endangered. This is a further sign of trouble for native mollusks, which help purify water by filtering contaminants when foraging. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it gives protection to long, hard, round hickory nut mussels that are declining in […]

Dwyane Wade’s trans daughter Zaya granted name, gender change

It’s a happy day in the Wade family, as Dwayne’s transgender daughter, Zaya, has been given an official name and gender change. On Friday, a Los Angeles County judge approved the 15-year-old’s new legal identity card. According to TMZafter her “proud” father first petitioned the court in August 2022. The teenager is now legally female […]

Connecticut socialite Hadley Palmer, who secretly filmed minors, granted early release

The wealthy Connecticut socialite was released early from prison after serving a prison sentence last November for secretly filming nude minors at a lavish beachfront mansion. Hadley Palmer, 54, was granted early release and entered an interim supervision program instead of completing a year in prison on Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported. According to the […]