Grenade Detonates in Indiana Home, Killing Father and Injuring Two Children

A father is killed and two children injured when a grenade explodes in an Indiana home. A 47-year-old man found a grenade while searching his grandfather’s belongings (WLRN) report. “Someone reportedly pulled a pin out of the device and it exploded,” Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. said on Facebook. director. Lake County Sheriff’s Department officers responded […]

Senate Democrat urges McCarthy to put ‘pin back in grenade’ on debt talks

Sen. Sheldon White House (D) urges Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-California) to “undo the grenade needle” on talks on national debt ceiling threatened with default . “I think the problem now is that we have a McCarthy-created crisis, a MAGA-created crisis. And it threatens to default, and that’s McCarthy,” the White House said Saturday on MSNBC’s […]

Man dead, teens wounded after grenade explodes in Indiana home

A grenade found in a grandfather’s old belongings exploded Saturday at his home in Indiana, killing a man and injuring two of his teenage sons, police said. Someone pulled out an explosive pin and caused an explosion at the Lakes of the Four Seasons home around 6:30 p.m., according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. […]

Mexican Cartel Gunmen Kill Waiter for Thwarting Prior Grenade Attack

Last week, a waiter at a Mexican restaurant who disarmed a cartel gunman during a grenade attack was killed in retaliation after prosecutors refused to press charges against the attacker. The attack took place at the Mariscos Puerto de Veracruz seafood restaurant in Colima. On the day of the first attack, cartel militants arrived at […]