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Business Electric lists the top 10 places to go off the grid

If the hustle and bustle of modern life has you exhausted, look no further than this property for perfect peace and quiet. Business Electric Ranks Top 150 Off-Grid Living Options The votes of 3,000 Americans determined counties across the country. The top spots span nearly every region of the country, but they all have two […]

Casar leads 22 House Democrats in call for federal electric grid corridors in Texas

Rep. Greg Casar (D-Texas) led 22 lawmakers on Monday in urging the Department of Energy to add Texas to the area serviced by the proposed federal power transmission corridor. The department in May released a list of 10 proposed National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors (NIETCs), which, if implemented, could make federal funds available to expand […]

Texas’ Power Grid Could Be Pushed To The Brink Again This Summer, Utility Exec Says

A power grid system serving nearly 30 million Americans could again approach failure this summer, a local utility executive told the San Antonio Express-News. Rudy Garza, CEO of the San Antonio-owned utility company CPS Energy, anticipates that Texans will elevate power demand on the state’s grid system above and beyond last year’s record numbers, according […]

Nigerian unions shut down national grid and airports as indefinite strike begins | Nigeria

Nigeria’s main labour unions have launched an indefinite strike against the government’s failure to agree on a minimum wage, shut down the national electricity grid, disrupted airline services and blocked entrances to parliament. A minimum wage of 30,000 naira (£15) per month, agreed in 2019, expired in April this year. Trade unions are calling for […]

Cybersecurity experts sound alarm over US power grid vulnerabilities

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Power grid modernization program announced by White House, 21 states

The Biden administration is set to announce a new effort to modernize the U.S. power grid in partnership with 21 states on Tuesday, ahead of a summer that is expected to strain the nation’s power grid’s capacity. Under the plan, participating states will prioritize grid modernization efforts aimed at increasing capacity and efficiency. States led […]

Data centers may drive the grid into a 'brick wall.' These stocks benefit – CNBC

Companies that make small, quick-to-deploy natural gas turbines and generators will benefit as surging demand for electricity from data centers significantly slows the addition of new capacity to the grid, according to Morgan Stanley. He says he is ready to accept it. Morgan Stanley analysts have told clients that much of the U.S. power grid […]

Maryland woman pleads guilty to conspiracy in plot to attack Baltimore power grid

A Catonsville, Maryland, woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiring to damage and destroy electrical facilities near Baltimore, a crime she and her co-conspirators said was motivated by white supremacy to promote social disintegration. was planning. The Department of Justice (DOJ) said in a release that 36-year-old Sarah Beth Clendaniel has pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges, […]