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Grover Norquist presses for bipartisan tax deal despite Senate GOP pushback

Anti-tax advocate and Tax Reform American president Grover Norquist said Thursday that he would rather expand the child tax credit and restore some business tax breaks than pass the whole thing amid Senate Republican opposition. He said he would prefer Congress to pass a partisan agreement. Norquist was pressed about his resistance to the ongoing […]

GROVER NORQUIST: Biden Enables Freeloading On American Innovation

Democrats tend to strengthen the federal government's power over American workers and businesses. But now what they want is It aims to give European bureaucrats significant control over the American economy, especially by imposing European regulations aimed at harming American companies. The Biden administration accomplished part of this task through administrative fiat. Congress has a […]

GROVER NORQUIST: Biden Is Going Easy On The Left’s Favorite Thief

The Biden administration is easily overlooking the IRS thief. The man who stole thousands of Americans’ tax returns and reports and provided them to left-wing groups is being protected and rewarded by the Biden administration’s Justice Department. Despite committing thousands of felonies, each punishable by up to five years in prison, the Biden Justice Department […]

GROVER NORQUIST: Biden’s Radical Labor Nominee Wants To Raise Your Taxes

President Joe Biden has nominated a very radical US Secretary of Labor candidate who wants to use bureaucratic power to raise taxes. Julie Hsu was previously confirmed to be Biden’s deputy labor secretary. thin partisan vote, zero Republicans voted for her. Su became Biden’s acting labor secretary in March. following his resignation Successor to Secretary […]

GROVER NORQUIST: Six Steps Republicans Should Take On The Debt Ceiling

In the first two years of President Joe Biden’s presidency, Democrats added trillions of dollars to the national debt, pushing inflation to a 40-year high. Democrats wanted to repeat these spendings beyond 2023. But when Republicans won a majority in the House, the vote to increase the national debt began to stop the bleeding and […]