Alina Habba says Trump’s hush-money jury should have been sequestered over holiday weekend

Ahead of closing arguments this week, former President Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, suggested that jurors in the hush money trial should have been sequestered over Memorial Day weekend to prevent outside influence. “They should have been sequestered because, in my opinion, these jurors are dealing with something completely unprecedented in America, an injustice,” Hubba said […]

Donald Trump lawyer Alina Habba says courtroom like ‘Twilight Zone’

Former President Trump’s lawyer, Alina Haba, sat in a New York City courtroom during Thursday’s hush money trial and said she likened it to “The Twilight Zone.” “Then you walk in and it’s just surreal. You feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone,” Haba told Fox News’ Jesse Watters. hubba she said she saw When […]

Trump lawyer Habba calls reports he’s falling asleep in court ‘unlikely’

Alina Haba, a lawyer and spokeswoman for former President Trump, said in an interview Tuesday that it was “possible” that Trump fell asleep in court during the first two days of jury selection in his hush money case in Manhattan. Not likely.” . “If anything, I think he’s just really bored,” Haba told Fox News’ […]

Alina Habba mocks New York AG after appeals court reduces Trump bond

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Haba said New York Attorney General Letitia James has significantly reduced the bail he must pay in an appellate court to appeal a multimillion-dollar civil fraud fine. In response, he mocked Attorney General Letitia James. Haba appeared on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Prime Time” on Monday night, where the […]

Alina Habba responds to claims Trump is seeking foreign legal funding

Former President Trump’s lawyer, Alina Haba, responded to claims that the former president may be seeking foreign sources to pay for huge legal fees, but said Wednesday that the strategy was “unspoken.” I can’t do that.” Rumors are circulating about the future of Trump’s business as he prepares to pay $454 million owed in a […]

Trump lawyer Alina Habba on NY fraud verdict: ‘They will not get away with it’

Former President Trump’s lawyer Alina Haba on Friday slammed the judge’s recent ruling in the former president’s New York civil fraud trial. “[T]Hey, you can’t escape that.” Haba Said on Fox News’ “Hannity.” “We’re going to go to them and fight tooth and nail and literally fight until the truth comes out. Nothing was wrong. […]

Trump lawyer Alina Habba on New York fraud verdict: ‘I don’t have high hopes’

Former President Trump’s lawyer Alina Haba has cast doubt on the outcome of the New York civil fraud trial against the former president, saying her client will be dissatisfied with the verdict expected on Friday. “If I could appeal now, I would,” Haba said. Newsmax Wednesday interview. “There are no surprises here.” “I’m going to […]