Israel’s Ceasefire Proposal Doesn’t Meet Palestinian Demands, Says Hamas

Hamas said Israel’s new ceasefire proposal does not meet its demands. (File) Hamas said on Tuesday that Israel’s proposal for a ceasefire in the war in Gaza does not meet any of the demands of Palestinian groups, but that it would further consider the proposal and submit a response to a mediator. The proposal was […]

Ritchie Torres says Hamas is emboldened by the ‘demonization of Israel’

Rep. Richie Torres said Monday that Hamas feels “emboldened” by anti-Israel protests and the “demonization” of the Jewish state, after the terror group rejected the latest cease-fire proposal. Stated. “The hyperbolic and hysterical demonization of Israel by our fair-weather friends has emboldened Hamas to continue to reject the ceasefire and continue to hold hostages captive,” […]

Netanyahu rival offers to help quell mutiny for Hamas hostage deal

A top rival of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered to back the beleaguered leader in the event that his government begins to collapse over a hard-right mutiny against a hostage deal with Hamas. “So a hostage deal is doable. It is a difficult deal. This is a deal we might not like, but […]

The Date Is Set for Attack on Hamas in Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that a date has been set for an Israeli military operation to attack and annihilate the last remaining Hamas battalion in the city of Rafah, near the Gaza-Egypt border. Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech during a visit to Israeli negotiators in Cairo, Egypt, and said that […]

Hamas, Israel Talk Gaza Truce Deal

Hamas said on Monday after talks in Cairo that it was considering proposals for a ceasefire and exchange of hostages and prisoners. Palestinian Territories: Hamas announced on Monday after talks in Cairo that it was considering proposals for a cease-fire and hostage and prisoner exchange, and Israel’s defense minister said six months into the war […]

Nearly Half of British Muslims Sympathise With Hamas, Survey Finds

Almost half of British Muslims say they sympathize with Hamas, but just four believe the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group committed the murders and rapes in the October 7 Israeli attack. Investigation revealed that there was only one person. Six months after Hamas massacred around 1,200 people from Israel and took hundreds more hostage, the largest […]

Has Hamas’ Attack Finally Aroused Parents About Universities?

Many of us have tried somewhat in vain to alert parents about the fecklessness of supporting certain colleges and/or sending their children to them. Currently, there are 3,982 colleges and universities in the United States. Some are not only dangerous for the mind of your child or grandchild, but their body as well. The reaction […]

Israel Denies that Troop Withdrawals Mean Giving Up on Destroying Hamas

The Israeli government denied on Monday that the withdrawal of ground forces from southern Gaza on Sunday meant it had abandoned plans to attack Hamas in the city of Rafah and eliminate the last four terrorist battalions. Israel abruptly withdrew its troops, with only the Nahal Brigades controlling the access corridor from Israel to Gaza, […]


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