Memphis’ Jamirah Shutes Charged with Assault After Handshake Line Sucker Punch

Jamila Chute, the University of Memphis basketball player who punched Bowling Green basketball player Elissa Brett in the postgame handshake line, has been charged with assault. The incident occurred Thursday night after Bowling Green beat Memphis 73-60 in the Women’s National Invitational Tournament (NIT). BGSU Women’s Basketball advanced to the WNIT’s Best 8 after beating […]

Lousiville’s Hailey Van Lith Confronted by Texas Player in Postgame Handshake Line

An attempt at good sportsmanship all but failed after Louisville’s women’s basketball team beat Texas Monday night. The Cardinals defeated the Longhorns by 21 points, a victory many expected. But no one expected a tense showdown at the handshake event after the match. The weird moment ended when Louisville star Haley Van Ris went to […]

Oliver Marmol says C.B. Bucknor refused handshake: ‘Zero class’

The brawl between the manager and umpire has already flared up, and no spring training games have been played in three days. Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol and umpire CB Buckner had a heated argument in August 2022 that led to Marmol’s ejection. During Saturday’s St. Louis Grapefruit League game against Washington, Marmol told reporters Buckner […]