Raiders’ Michael Mayer much happier after Josh McDaniels debacle

Raiders players can’t help but tell the world how miserable they have been under coach Josh McDaniels. Second-year tight end Michael Mayer didn’t specifically mention his former coach, but he sounded like a prisoner experiencing freedom for the first time as he discussed the pre- and post-McDaniels era. “My mental state this year, my attitude, […]

There’s a Challenger to Orban and the Western Media Couldn’t be Happier

A political rally in Budapest over the weekend sharply reflected the desire of Western political elites to remove Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán from power, and was widely and enthusiastically reported in European and American media. . Péter Magyar, a former Hungarian government insider and former ally of Viktor Orbán who was married to one […]

Lewis Hamilton ‘much happier’ with Mercedes’ 2024 F1 challenger

Mercedes has struggled with race cars over the past two seasons in F1. The team introduced an amazing “zero pod” design to the grid in 2022 with W13, but after struggling with physics all year, this design was scrapped midway through the 2023 season with last year’s challenger, W14. It was done. These difficulties resulted […]

Research Shows That People of Faith Are Happier Than Those Without

Happiness can be considered subjective for many people. But for author Arthur Brooks, it’s clear that happiness is something everyone can achieve, especially people of faith. In a rare sit-down interview with Christian Headlines and Crosswalk, Brooks makes the case for the whys and hows of achieving happiness within the ever-changing culture and times we […]

5 mom blogs for a happier, healthier home in 2024

When it comes to decluttering your home, there's nothing like decluttering a little after Christmas. The stress of this season tends to reveal deficiencies in our domestic infrastructure: economic, organizational, mental, and emotional. The lazy days between Christmas and New Year's Day are a good time to identify these problem areas and begin repairing them. […]

Bo Horvat’s reality much happier on Islanders than Vancouver 

There’s a legitimate debate about what having a full training camp vs. joining the Islanders on the fly will do for Bo Horvat, but compared to what the center was dealing with on opening night a year ago It may be more appropriate to do so. Consider his position at the time. Over the summer, […]