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I spent $300K on plastic surgery — renewing my driver’s license is a huge hassle now

A former lawyer who underwent $300,000 worth of plastic surgery to change his appearance claims government agents questioned his identity when he went to renew his driver’s license. Brazilian beauty Denise Rocha, who quit her career in the courtroom to become a model, was discovered by officials at the São Paulo City Transportation Department when […]

dYdX Founder Says Crypto Industry Should Give Up on US Customers As Market Not ‘Worth the Hassle’ – The Daily Hodl

Founder of decentralized exchange dYdX believes cryptocurrency builders should focus on serving markets outside the US over the next 5-10 years. Antonio Giuliano To tell The 49,400 followers of social media platform X argue that US regulatory uncertainty isn’t worth the ‘hassle’ and ‘compromises’. According to Giuliano, it is better for cryptocurrency developers to build […]

Rangers’ Patrick Kane opportunity well worth the hassle

The stars had to align for this to happen. Patrick Kane won’t be a New York Ranger for the prospect of a few draft picks and a three-team trade for money if things don’t work out the way they did. From the rebuilding notice on February 8, 2018 signed by Rangers management, to the club’s […]