Train Derails in Minnesota While Carrying Hazardous Materials

In a social media post, the Lancaster, Minnesota Fire Department said: Said, “Tonight at about 4pm, LFD responded to a train derailment along Highway 59.” “Approximately 27 vehicles derailed, some of which were loaded with flammable liquid NOS. The liquid NOS remained trapped inside the vehicle. No injuries were reported and we are all Safely […]

Minnesota Gov Walz says train containing hazardous materials derailed near Lancaster

Governor Tim Walz confirmed on Twitter Wednesday afternoon that a Canadian Pacific Railroad carrying dangerous goods derailed near Lancaster, Minnesota. “State officials are working with local emergency managers after a train derailed near Lancaster. We are pleased to hear that no injuries have been reported and the scene has been contained,” Waltz wrote. “Experts are […]

Alarming photos show children working hazardous positions at slaughterhouse — 102 kids as young as 13 illegally employed, Labor Department finds

The Department of Labor recently released disturbing photos showing 13-year-olds doing dangerous work at a slaughterhouse in Grand Island, Nebraska. The image was found in an incident investigation Acquired by Packers Sanitation Services Inc., one of the largest food hygiene companies in the United States. PSSI, owned by billionaire Stephen Schwartzman’s private investment bank Blackstone, […]

Train carrying hazardous materials derails in rural Maine

A train has reportedly derailed in Maine, and authorities believe it was carrying dangerous goods. “Train derailment due to fire north of Lockwood, stay clear of hazards!” Lockwood, Main Fire & Rescue Posted on Facebook Saturday. A fire and rescue team posted photos of the incident showing the derailed train and fires burning in a […]

Freight train carrying hazardous materials derails in Maine

A freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed in Maine on Saturday, but officials said the hazardous materials did not pose a threat to public safety. Rockwood Fire & Rescue, which serves a small town in central Maine, said: director The company’s Facebook page reports that a train derailed while carrying dangerous goods, causing a fire. […]

Train derailment in Rockwood, Maine had hazardous material

The latest train derailment occurred in Maine on Saturday. The derailment is particularly worrying because the train was reportedly carrying dangerous goods and caught fire. A train laden with toxic materials derails and catches fire near Maine’s largest freshwater body. A train carrying hazardous materials derailed Saturday in Lockwood, Maine. The western part of the […]

Train Derails, Spills Hazardous Materials that Could Require 10 Days of Cleanup

A Canadian Pacific train derailed Sunday in Richland County, North Dakota, spilling hazardous materials. However, there was reportedly no danger to the community. The incident occurred later that night, when 31 of a 70-car train were derailedaccording to WPDE. Some cars were leaking petroleum, which is used to make asphalt, officials said, adding that it […]

Train derails, spilling hazardous materials in North Dakota

Several Canadian Pacific freight trains derailed in North Dakota late Sunday, spilling hazardous materials into the area, the railroad said. Some of the 31 railcars involved were carrying hazardous materials, and an initial assessment found a leak of liquid asphalt at a derailment site in rural Richland County, southeast of Windmere, the Canadian said. A […]

Train carrying hazardous materials derails in Northwestern Arizona

A train carrying hazardous materials derailed in northern Arizona late Wednesday night, local officials said. The Mojave County Sheriff’s Office said the train derailed at the Topok Bridge near Interstate 40, but there were no indications of a potentially dangerous chemical spill. Authorities have yet to report any injuries or fatalities related to the derailment. […]