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Nancy Mace reveals what she wants to hear in Trump’s RNC speech

Exclusive: Rep. Nancy Mace (D-Lausanne) is calling on former President Trump to emphasize unity in his speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday night. Mace, a Trump ally and informal surrogate for his campaign, suggested Trump wants a plan that appeals not only to all factions of the Republican Party but also to […]

All Americans should be skeptical of what they hear

Jesse Waters: We don’t know if the suspected assassin acted alone or was part of a conspiracy. The FBI says he acted alone, but we don’t trust the FBI. We don’t trust the media. All Americans should be skeptical of what we hear. Reagan’s would-be assassin was a lone wolf. JFK’s assassin was not. He […]

‘All I Hear Is Ego’

Breakfast Club Co-host Charlaman the God called on Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, saying the Biden-Harris combination is no longer winnable and that a new Democratic challenger needs to step up. During a radio show on Tuesday, Charlaman Tha God slammed Joe Biden for refusing to exit the stage gracefully. “All I […]

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear challenges to the state’s abortion law

(The Center Square) – The Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to rule on abortion. The court announced that it would hear two challenges to Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion law, pending rulings by lower courts in the state. “In accepting this case, this Court is doing what so many other state courts have done before and since […]