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JD Vance cuts straight to the heart of what animates Trump’s nationalism — and it’s not ‘just an idea’

The National Conservative Conference is a project of the Edmund Burke Foundation, chaired by Israeli-American philosopher Yoram Hazony. Over the years, the National Conservative Conference has provided a forum for different constituencies of conservatives from different countries to discuss ways to strengthen, improve, and think about their respective nation-states. Organizer Define “National conservatism” is “a […]

Recipient Of World’s First Heart Pump And Pig Kidney Transplant Dies At 54

Lisa Pisano, the woman who received the world’s first heart pump and pig kidney combined transplant passed away Sunday at the age of 54, CBS News reported. Pisano, a grandmother who underwent surgeries involving a mechanical heart pump and a gene-edited pig kidney transplant, underwent the procedures at the NYU Langone Transplant Institute, according to […]

Ann Wilson of Heart “preventative chemotherapy”

Ann Wilson of “Heart” fame has announced that she will be undergoing preventive chemotherapy. The famous rock singer said in a statement that he underwent surgery to “remove something” but that it turned out to be “cancerous.” “I still have a lot to sing.” “I recently underwent surgery to remove a tumor which turned out […]

US soccer star Alex Morgan ‘disappointed’ by Olympics snub: ‘Close to my heart’

American Soccer Star Alex Morgan In a shocking decision announced on Wednesday, he was removed from the Olympic team roster. Morgan, who turns 35 next week, reacted to the news on social media, saying he was “disappointed” by the outcome. United States Women’s National Team player Alex Morgan celebrates with her medal during the World […]

Man Suffers Heart Attack After Winning Rs 33 Crore Jackpot At Singapore Casino

Marina Bay Sands Casino is owned and operated by Las Vegas Sands. Panic erupted at a casino in Singapore after a man suffered a heart attack while celebrating a jackpot of £3.2 million (Rs 33,764,456 million). newsThe incident occurred on June 22 at the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore. The anonymous man, a regular […]

Man Wins $3 Million at Singapore Casino, Immediately Suffers Heart Attack

A man suffered a heart attack after winning S$4 million (US$2.95 million) at a Singapore casino but is expected to recover, according to reports. A video of a man lying on the floor of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Casino has been posted to social media and is reportedly going viral. report by International Business Times. […]