Heart failure can be cured with natural survivor antibodies

Scientists have discovered that incurable heart disease that causes heart failure can be reversed using antibodies found in survivors. Groundbreaking new research New England Journal of Medicine found that three men suffering from cardiac amyloidosis “spontaneously” recovered from the condition. Cardiac amyloidosis is a heart disease in which defective and deformed proteins accumulate and lodge […]

Gay Pride Compatible with Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesuit Father James Martin said celebrating gay pride this weekend is compatible with devotion to the Sacred Heart because they both teach us about the love of Jesus. “In June, Catholics celebrate the month of the Sacred Heart,” says Father Martin write on Twitter. “LGBTQ people celebrate #PrideMonth. LGBTQ Catholics celebrate both. One shows how […]

Keenan Anderson, cousin of BLM founder, died of enlarged heart, cocaine: officials

The cousin of the Black Lives Matter co-founder died of an enlarged heart and cocaine use just hours after being repeatedly taped by police in Los Angeles earlier this year, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. Keenan Anderson, 31, died on January 3 after being taped several times by police after he allegedly […]

Marcellus Wiley gets to heart of Shannon Sharpe-Skip Bayless fallout

Marcellus Wiley Place Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless cards on the tableand it all seems to boil down to a “power struggle” between the two “Undisputed” co-hosts. Sharp recently announced that Bayless is parting ways with Fox Sports, the parent company of Fox Sports 1, which airs the show, and his final show will air […]

Accelerated cognitive decline seen after heart attacks: study 

A new study finds that people who have had a heart attack experience faster declines in overall cognition, memory and executive function than those who haven’t. In a study published in JAMA Neurology JournalResearchers found that people who had at least one myocardial infarction (MI), also known as a heart attack, experienced a faster decline […]

Be well: Floss your teeth daily for better heart health

Less plaque, less cavities, and healthier gums may be the obvious benefits of flossing, but did you know that it can also reduce it? your heart disease risk? “A lot of research talks about the relationship between periodontal disease and heart health, at least for periodontal disease.” Cleveland Clinic. According to the Cleveland Clinic, studies […]

‘My Kind Of Country’ Strives For Diversity In The Heart Of Nashville

Like Christianity and America itself, country music is inherently dualistic, often teetering between the paths of righteousness and sin. It is the music of the fictional Heartland, a song chronicling the plight of working men and women, rebels and mavericks. It’s also a billion-dollar business with industry gatekeepers doing their best to keep the status […]