5 confirmed dead in destructive tornadoes tear across US heartland

Severe weather struck the American heartland last weekend, spawning dozens of tornadoes and hitting communities from Texas to Iowa, killing at least five people and leaving thousands of residents currently devastated. They are currently scavenging the rubble of destroyed houses and businesses. I try to get back all my remaining belongings. At least 46 tornadoes […]

WATCH: Dozens of tornadoes sweep across America’s heartland on Friday

Powerful tornado hits Nebraska Tornadoes touched down in at least six states Friday, according to the National Weather Service. (Clint Hendricks IV, via Storyful and Fox Weather) Dozens of tornadoes hit the American heartland, affecting millions of residents and leaving a trail of destruction. Twenty million Americans from Texas to Iowa are on alert for […]

Move Vacant Federal Offices from D.C. to ‘Heartland’

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) government buildings built with tax money President Joe Biden's move from the “Washington, D.C. swamp” to a “core region” where he can be “more responsible to hardworking Americans.”After releasing a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), it was revealed that most positions in most federal agencies are vacant due to […]

Most people in ‘America’s Heartland’ will forgo updated COVID vaccines: Survey

Nearly 60 percent of Americans living in the Midwest and surrounding states say they will not get a COVID-19 vaccine this year, according to a survey by Emerson College Poll. In September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new coronavirus booster therapy that targets currently circulating variants of the coronavirus. But more than […]