Hillary Clinton Heckled By Pro-Palestinian Protesters At Columbia University

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was heckled by Columbia University students on Wednesday over her support for Israel’s war against Hamas. Footage of Clinton walking past students angrily shouting demands went viral on social media.Students held up posters and held the Palestinian flag. “Hillary, Hillary, you can’t hide! You support genocide,” they said. chanted. […]

For fun–Watch Hillary Clinton get heckled by a protester

Hillary Clinton has had quite a few of her acquaintances mysteriously disappear, and the internet is now ablaze with hope that the person who recently heckled her won’t suffer the same fate. The former Democratic presidential candidate was speaking on a panel at the Columbia University event “Bringing Human Rights Alive: UDHR at 75” when […]

‘Shame On You’: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Heckled During Trip To Colombia

New York City Mayor Eric Adams faced verbal abuse Saturday during a visit to Colombia. According to reports, the mayor was heckled during a visit to the port city of Nekokuri. new york post. This port city was an important transit point for thousands of immigrants embarking on the perilous journey through the Darien Valley. […]

Eric Adams heckled during visit to Colombia town key to migrants

BOGOTA, Colombia — Mayor Eric Adams was trying to pass through the Colombian port city on Saturday that tens of thousands of migrants use each year to reach the Darien Gap, where smugglers transport migrants from South America to North America. This is a dangerous jungle path to use. According to “Shame on Eric Adams!”, […]

CHAOS: AOC heckled furious New Yorkers over immigrant crisis

As Gov. Greg Abbott continues to bus illegal immigrants out of Texas, Mayor Eric Adams isn’t the only one worried that sanctuary cities will be overrun with illegal immigrants. Now New Yorkers themselves are starting to get angry. “Welcome to our nightmare,” says Pat Gray. He points out that New York is not one of […]

‘Bring Back Twitter:’ Elon Musk Heckled and Booed at Video Gaming Tournament

Elon Musk faced boos and chants calling for Twitter’s return when he appeared at a video game tournament over the weekend. PC gamer report Tech billionaire and X (formerly Twitter) owner Elon Musk found himself in the center of a different kind of spotlight at video game events. Valorant Champions 2023 tournament. When his presence […]

Brian Harman heckled by fans with ‘unrepeatable’ remarks at British Open

He couldn’t beat Bryan Harman at the British Open even if he hooted. As fans anxiously cheered for fellow British players Tommy Fleetwood and Rory Mackleroy, Herrmann got a “never again” comment after coming out with a five-stroke lead on Sunday. “You’re lying if you don’t hear bad things about me,” Herrmann said Saturday. Brian […]

AOC heckled, booed at NYC town hall

‘The Big Saturday Show’ reacts to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., being shouted down during a Friday town hall in New … source