Horowitz: Debt ceiling deal leaves us completely vulnerable to electric car hell

The New York Times reported on the debt ceiling negotiations. report, “Mr. McCarthy’s negotiators gave Biden officials the impression that at least one issue from every major aspect of the House Republican debt limit bill was needed to reach a deal.” , except for one key item that conservatives failed to secure even a controversial […]

Trump denies he’s been told he’ll be indicted in classified document probe

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday denied a report that federal prosecutors had informed him that he was likely to be indicted soon in a Justice Department investigation into allegations of mishandling classified documents. The 76-year-old former president wrote, “No one told me I would be prosecuted. I did nothing wrong and should not be […]

If Jamie Dimon wants political office — he’ll need to answer about Epstein

J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is America’s top banker, but he also wants to be the country’s commander-in-chief, according to people close to him. After he successfully navigated the nation’s largest bank through its ups and downs, making huge profits along the way, why wouldn’t he continue down the road? Dimon knows he has to […]

Musk indicates he’ll push to criminalize transitioning kids

Elon Musk has said he will aggressively push for the criminalization of permanent sex reassignment for children under the age of consent. “This is a big issue. I will actively lobby to criminalize the act of making material and irreversible changes to children under the age of consent. Those who advocate this.” It’s disgraceful! It’s […]

Biden says he’ll explore 14th Amendment for future debt limit debates

President Biden on Sunday ruled out the possibility of completely removing the debt ceiling, but after brokering a deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California), the 14th Amendment disputed a future debt ceiling. He said that he will consider how it will be used. to avoid defaults. Speaking at the White House shortly after his […]

GOP debt ceiling negotiator: ‘Hell no!’ to dropping work requirements demand

A leading Republican lawmaker negotiating the elusive debt ceiling deal Friday said Republicans were adamant that they would not drop their demand for tougher labor requirements as part of the final deal, but this is the start of negotiations11. It became a big impasse of time. “No way, no way!” Rep. Garrett Graves (R, Louisiana) […]

Progressives turn up heat on Biden amid fears he’ll cave to GOP

Progressives are mounting popular pressure on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R., California) amid growing fears that President Biden will bow to Republicans in negotiations to raise the debt ceiling. Progressive caucus chairman Pramila Jayapal (D.W.). Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) and Greg Casal (D-Tex.). and other prominent liberal lawmakers convened on Wednesday to address growing concerns […]