This Japan Town Is Putting Up Barrier To Block Mount Fuji View. Here’s Why

Workers in hard hats were putting finishing touches on metal poles Tuesday morning. Tokyo: A Japanese town will erect a large mesh fence on Tuesday across a road offering Instagram-famous views of Mount Fuji to deter misbehaving tourists. The plan made headlines last month when it was announced by local residents fed up with complaints […]

Here’s how much you need to earn to afford a home today

The average American earns far less than what is needed to buy a home in today’s market. (iStock) According to a recent report, to buy a home today, households must have sufficient income and have a sizable down payment saved. Based on current 30-year mortgage rates of 7.22%, today’s homebuyers would need an annual income […]

MICHAEL WHATLEY: Here’s How The RNC Plans To Secure The 2024 Election

Of the many issues that voters will debate ahead of November 5, we can all agree on one thing: Americans deserve fair elections and voters should be able to cast their ballots with confidence. Unfortunately, despite prominent Democrats’ own denials of election results, the Democrat Party has ridiculed concerns about election integrity while simultaneously lobbing attacks […]

Biden-Trump TV brawls are set: Here’s what senators will be watching for

Senators have mixed feelings about forthcoming clashes between President Joe Biden and the presumptive GOP nominee, former President Donald Trump, when the two take the stage for televised debates this summer. The 2020 election debates between the pair devolved into mudslinging contests of who could more effectively talk over the other, likely promising more on-air […]

Sexual assaults are down in the US military. Here’s what to know about the numbers

Pentagon officials say an overall decline in reported sexual assaults among active-duty military personnel and military academies shows that leaders are finally addressing a long-standing problem. I am cautiously optimistic that this is an indication. Beth Foster, executive director of the Pentagon’s Office of Military Resilience, said Thursday that “DOD leadership has made this a […]

Here’s How the Woke Left Captures Corporate America

The following contents are This is the second in a five-part series sponsored by. 1792 exchange. Click here to see other articles. How does offering gender reassignment surgery to an employee’s child increase a company’s profits and shareholder returns? Here’s the question posed by Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlowe 1792 exchange CEO Daniel Cameron said […]

You might get a bigger Social Security check next year. Here’s why

Gina Bolvin, president of Bolvin Wealth Management Group, discusses commodity movements, expected inflation data, the housing industry and the outlook for consumers. Social Security recipients are set to receive larger cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) next year than previously expected because of uncomfortably high inflation rates. Former Social Security and Medicare analyst Mary Johnson estimated that the […]