Yellen Warns Government ‘Highly Likely’ to Run Out of Cash by Early June

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen further bolstered default prospects on Monday, telling House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) that the government could hit the debt ceiling as early as June 1. . Yellen said the exact timing of the so-called X-date is still unknown, but believes it is “very likely” that there will be a shortage of […]

Colin Allred’s Campaign Claims Reported Anti-2A Comments Are ‘Highly Edited’

Claim: Paige Hutchinson, campaign manager for Rep. Colin Allred (D-Texas), suggests that the United States would be better off if the Second Amendment had not been written. It states that it is “highly edited”. Verdict: False. His approximately 12-minute recording comments on the interpretation and feasibility of the Second Amendment, and his belief that gun […]

A 24-eyed jellyfish was discovered — it’s highly dangerous

It’s unconventional and scary. The swallow jellyfish species has welcomed a fourth family member — a new 24-eyed creature, just over half an inch long, with a deadly sting. Found in the Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong, it is officially named Tripedalia maipoensis and belongs to the same family as the Australian box […]

White House accuses Jim Jordan of ‘highly misleading’ leak on Hunter Biden

White House spokesperson Ian Sams took to Twitter on Friday to denounce House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) for a “very misleading” leak about Hunter Biden. House Judiciary Republicans tweeted: letter The document, which was sent to Secretary of State Anthony Brinken on Thursday, describes Hunter Biden’s laptop story published by the New York […]

Leak of ‘highly classified material’ is being assessed by interagency team, Pentagon says

The Pentagon said Sunday that an interagency task force is assessing the effectiveness and impact of “highly classified top-secret materials” leaked on various social media sites this week. “Over the weekend, U.S. officials consulted with allies and partners and notified relevant congressional jurisdictional committees of the disclosure,” Pentagon deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said in a […]

Trump legal team sues for NARA records to highlight alleged discrepancies in ‘highly politicized’ agency’s treatment of the former president versus Biden, Obama

Former President Donald Trump is currently in a legal battle on multiple fronts. He is preparing to begin his defense against what he calls a “patented political indictment” in Manhattan and charges brought by Democratic prosecutors in Georgia, but in a classified document story The legal team representing Trump is now on the offensive. fox […]

The Comstock Law at 150: A highly relevant cautionary tale for today

150 years ago today, President Ulysses S. Grant signed Bill for Restriction of Trade-in and Distribution of Obscene Documents and Items Violating Public Order and Morality. well known as Comstock Act, which was the first federal law to outlaw “obscene” literature by providing for prosecution. Actively enforced for 100 years, the law requires government officials […]