Hillary Clinton Heckled By Pro-Palestinian Protesters At Columbia University

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was heckled by Columbia University students on Wednesday over her support for Israel’s war against Hamas. Footage of Clinton walking past students angrily shouting demands went viral on social media.Students held up posters and held the Palestinian flag. “Hillary, Hillary, you can’t hide! You support genocide,” they said. chanted. […]

Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton Top Candidates if Biden Does Not Run

A recent Harvard-Harris poll shows Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton are the top two Democratic presidential candidates if President Joe Biden decides not to run. Polls suggest that Democrats prefer far-left candidates over blue dog Democrats. Executive producer Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks on stage at the New York premiere of “Below the Belt” at the […]

Gutfeld: Hillary Clinton has lost it

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists reach to Hillary Clinton comparing former President Donald Trump to Hitler on ‘The View.’ Subscribe to Fox … source

Hillary Clinton writes ‘Hamas must go’

in piece According to The Atlantic, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisted that “Hamas has to go,” rejecting the idea that there would be a complete ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war at this point. The Jewish state went to war last month in response to a heinous terrorist attack by Hamas, but Clinton’s comments […]

Hillary Clinton makes case against cease-fire in ‘Hamas must go’ op-ed

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opposes a complete ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, arguing that it would refuel Hamas and prolong the conflict. She said she supported the Biden administration’s approach to the war, but called for a more humane halt to the fighting. In an op-ed for The Atlantic magazine, Clinton said,Hamas must […]

Bitter Hillary Clinton Is ‘Evil’ for Comparing Trump to Hitler

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner said Thursday on her show “The Faulkner Focus” that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s likening of former President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is “evil.” Ta. Faulkner said: “She’s so evil. In the midst of Israel being at war with terrorists, it’s just heartless to bring up comparisons to […]

Hillary Clinton cuts down calls for ceasefire on ‘The View’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejected calls for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war on “The View” Wednesday, instead throwing her support behind a “humanitarian moratorium.” “Remember, there was a ceasefire on October 6th, and Hamas broke it with brutal attacks on peaceful civilians, kidnappings, killings, beheadings, and other horrific and inhumane barbarities,” Clinton […]