Johnson holds out against holdouts

In remarks to reporters on Friday, Prime Minister Johnson said: defended the deal as a “strong flagship agreement” that will allow the House to “complete the appropriations process.” “Our top-line agreement remains,” Johnson later said. “We are finalizing our next steps and working towards a robust spending process. stay tuned For everything. ” Despite his […]

Jordan holdouts get death threats over gavel fight, GOP speaker nominee condemns

A number of House Republicans who did not vote in favor of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan’s candidacy for chairman said they had received death threats over their vote. Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa and Republican Rep. Nick Larota of New York said they had received death threats for not voting for Mr. Jordan […]

Jordan Holdouts Implementing ‘Strategic Humiliation’

MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace said Wednesday on her show “Deadline” that Republicans who oppose the nomination of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) as speaker are “inflicting ‘strategic humiliation.’ ” he said. Wallace said, “CNN reports that some Republicans are planning to stagger their non-votes, which is a strategic humiliation for him, hoping that the numbers will […]

Four House Republican holdouts say they will oppose Jordan in speaker vote round two

Exclusive: Four of the House Republicans who voted against Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) in Tuesday’s election for House speaker say they intend to do so again, leaving Mr. Jordan with no other Republican. He said that he was in a position where he could not win. On Monday, 20 Republicans voted against Jordan, leaving […]

I’m ‘Very Proud’ of Jordan Holdouts, Will Be Hard for Him to Become Speaker

CNN commentator Adam Kinzinger on Tuesday on CNN’s “News Central” called the 20 Republicans who voted against Rep. Jim Jorden (R-Ohio) to run for speaker “very I’m proud.” “I’m impressed that we have 20 people, because many of Jordan’s staunch opponents, including Mike Rogers of Alabama and Ann Wagner of Missouri, have surrendered in the […]

Jordan’s speaker bid gains serious momentum as key GOP holdouts come around

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) appears to be solidifying support within the highly divided Republican conference ahead of Tuesday’s vote on the chairman’s election. “I think he’ll arrive tomorrow,” one Republican told Fox News Digital about Jordan’s candidacy. Several Republicans who criticized Mr. Jordan’s campaign for speaker last week announced their support for […]

Scalise to pitch to GOP holdouts as House speaker race remains uncertain

House Republicans met behind closed doors Thursday afternoon to hear from Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana), who was elected Speaker of the House, to ensure they have enough support for a vote in the full chamber. is trying to obtain. Mr. Scalise won the support of a majority of the Republican conference in Wednesday’s closed-door […]

Exasperated GOP leaders vent frustration at holdouts as shutdown nears

House Republican leaders are furious, blaming resistance within their own party for stalling their party without a clear plan to avert a government shutdown in just over a week. A handful of hardline Republicans are giving House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) setback after setback, forcing leadership to issue short-term funding legislation to keep the lights […]

Republican lawmakers say McCarthy is held ‘hostage’ by holdouts in House budget battle

First appearance on Fox: Some Republicans continue to support the House speaker in the fight over approving the government’s budget and avoiding a government shutdown. Two House Republicans, who requested anonymity to speak more freely, spoke to Fox News Digital about ongoing negotiations to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government. The House of […]


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