Historic moment in the Americas: Hope for a woman’s right to bodily autonomy 

The reproductive rights landscape has changed in recent years across the Americas, with progress in decriminalizing and securing sexual and reproductive health. But a blanket ban on abortion is still deadly for pregnant women in too many countries. That could change soon, as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (the highest judicial body for human […]

Footprints revive hope for kids missing in Colombian jungle

The discovery of a series of tiny footprints in the Colombian jungle lends new optimism to the ongoing search for four children who went missing last month after surviving a small plane crash. Caused. The footprints were found Tuesday about two miles northwest of the area where the plane carrying three adults and four Indigenous […]

Knicks hold out ‘hope’ 76ers’ Joel Embiid will request trade: ESPN analyst

The Knicks are once again looking for a star who can pair up with Jalen Brunson, switch franchises and contribute to a championship, and may reportedly be eyeing Philadelphia 76ers star center Joel Embiid. be. About the latest episode “The Hoop Collective” podcastESPN’s Tim McMahon said Embiid is on the Knicks’ watch list, saying things […]

‘Well I Hope He Wasn’t Hurt’

Former President Donald Trump was on the campaign trail in Iowa on Thursday, expressing his sympathy for President Joe Biden after learning he fell after his Commencement Address at the Air Force Academy. “Did he really fall? Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt. I hope he wasn’t hurt,” Trump said after being told. And he […]

Trump responds to Biden’s fall on stage: ‘Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt’

Former President Trump appeared to sympathize with President Biden over his fall at Thursday’s Air Force Academy commencement ceremony, with himself seen hobbling down a “slippery” slope at West Point Commencement in 2020. I remembered At one of several hearings held in Iowa on Thursday, Trump was alerted to the incident by one of the […]

Susan Rice on gun reform ahead of White House departure: ‘I’m not losing hope’

Outgoing White House domestic policy adviser Susan Rice said she was “not hopeless” about Congress taking further action to reform domestic gun laws. Asked Thursday if she’s lost hope about the possibility of a gun law bill, she said “no” on Thursday after a recent spate of mass shootings across the country and states tightening […]

Gene therapy provides hope for Huntington’s Disease patients 

If you have an incurable neurological disease that shortens your life, or if you have a genetic predisposition to it, an emotional roller coaster between hope and despair is inevitable. May isHuntington’s Disease Awareness Month And hope is an opportunity to observe that the trend is currently positive, especially if Congress takes action to make […]

The hope for the Mets’ and Yankees’ patchwork rotations

The Mets and Yankees got off to a weak start, but the Braves and Rays have overtaken them and are now leading the division by a wide margin. The Yankees built their rotation around Gerrit Cole, rookie Carlos Rodon and Luis Severino. The Mets have paired Max Scherzer with new co-ace Justin Verlander and welcomed […]