Texas Bans Puberty Blockers, ‘Trans’ Hormone Therapy for Children

Texas is the latest American state to ban puberty inhibitors, hormone therapy and other “trans” medical practices on children. Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed into law Friday a bill banning various types of “trans” medical interventions for children, including hormone therapy and puberty inhibitors. The Lone Star state is the slowest of many U.S. states […]

Kentucky Senate passes bill banning transgender surgeries, hormone therapy for minors

Kentucky Republicans Pass Senate Bill 150Prohibit minors from undergoing surgery or hormone therapy for the purpose of sex reassignment. The bill, which also includes provisions to mandate information sharing between schools and parents and prohibit the mandatory use of preferred pronouns by teachers in schools, was submitted to Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear. it was done.according […]

Hormone therapy for trans kids fully supported by Biden administration

Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine has been called “outrageous” for proudly announcing that “gender-affirming” treatment for transgender children is endorsed at the “highest levels” of the Biden administration. is included. Levine, the highest-ranking transgender civil servant in U.S. history, Lecture in Connecticut last month When asked about his criticism of health centers that treat […]

Gov. Tim Walz makes Minnesota a ‘refuge’ for confusion-affirming genital mutilations and hormone treatments for kids​

Minnesota Democratic Governor Tim Walz issued an executive order on March 8 calling Minnesota a “haven” for those seeking and providing genital mutilation and irreversible hormone therapy, children and adults alike. emphasized. Waltz suggested His Clearly Iconic Executive Orderwas made in a legislative effort by red states to protect children from irreversible and dangerous procedures, […]

Wyoming legislation will ban child gender surgeries, hormone treatment, and puberty blockers

The Wyoming Senate has passed a bill banning child sex reassignment surgery, child hormone therapy and the use of puberty blockers. Republicans control 57 constituencies. Senate File 144passed the Senate with the testimony of Luka Hein, a 21-year-old woman introduced by Senator Anthony Bouchard. daily caller. Anthony announced the introduction of the bill on Twitter, […]