Grandpa Breastfeeds Baby After Taking Experimental Transgender Hormone Drugs

Researchers at Duke University reportedly used an experimental hormone drug to induce a 50-year-old man pretending to be a woman to produce breast milk in order to breastfeed his grandchildren. daily mail report. Researchers say the unidentified man was “naturally breastfeeding” and was able to produce up to 30 milliliters of milk at a time […]

Trans grandma able to breastfeed baby with help of experimental hormone drugs

Researchers at Duke University used experimental hormones to help a transgender mother of five breastfeed her grandchildren, but the study is ‘frankly alarming’ It has been criticized harshly. The unidentified 50-year-old man is “naturally breastfeeding” and can now produce up to 30ml of milk at a time after four weeks of hormone treatment, researchers recently […]

ACLU sues Ohio over law banning minors from puberty blockers, hormone replacement

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing the state of Ohio to ban gender reassignment surgery and hormone blockers for minors, scheduled to go into effect next month. The lawsuit was brought by the ACLU and global law firm Goodwin against Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and the state medical board on behalf of […]

Idaho moves to ban use of public funds for transgender surgeries and hormone therapy

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United Kingdom Bans Hormone Blockers for Children

The UK health system will no longer give children hormone blockers as part of a major new policy that departs from widespread practice in the US. This was announced by the National Health Service for England. BBC and other news outlets reported that after the interim policy and a review that found “there is insufficient […]

Detransitioner Claims Doctor Pressured Parents Into Accepting Transition, Hormone Therapy

Transition therapist Isabel Ayala detailed on Thursday how her parents were able to receive cross-sex hormone therapy, claiming they were pressured by doctors to accept transition therapy. Ayala appeared on “The Megyn Kelly Show” and talked about how she attempted to transition from female to male at age 14, but reversed the process three years […]

‘Transmissible’ Alzheimer’s Detected In Certain Hormone Therapy Patients, Study Finds

A study published Monday details how certain hormone therapy patients appear to develop Alzheimer’s disease as a result of the treatment. Researchers have found “credible evidence” suggesting Alzheimer’s disease can be transmitted from person to person through certain surgical procedures. according to In a study published in the journal Nature Medicine. The study involved a […]

Severe sickness linked to GDF15 hormone: Study

Severe morning sickness symptoms during pregnancy are likely linked to certain hormones, according to a new study. The scientific magazine “Nature'' announced the results of the survey Researchers on Wednesday discovered that nausea and vomiting, common symptoms of early pregnancy, are primarily caused by the hormone GDF15, which is produced in the fetal bone marrow. […]

Washington University Transgender Center no longer prescribing hormone drugs to kids

A Missouri transgender clinic that came under fire for rushing to prescribe hormones to children will be shut down under a new state law. The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital “will no longer prescribe puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones to minors for the purpose of gender reassignment,” the university announced Monday. […]

Judge rules Georgia can resume ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender minors

A judge ruled Tuesday that Georgia may resume enforcing a ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender youth, suspending the judge’s previous order blocking the ban. The ruling follows a federal appeals court last month granting the power to enforce similar restrictions in neighboring Alabama, as well as Republican-led states across the country calling for […]