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Trump running mate contender Sen. Tom Cotton called ‘a workhorse, not a show horse’

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Debate ‘Did Not Change the Horse Race’

President Joe Biden’s campaign released a memo Saturday arguing that the octogenarian’s disappointing performance in the first 2024 presidential debate “did not change the course of the race.” The Hill Reports Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon sent a letter saying it was time to move forward. A preliminary poll from CNN, 538, SurveyUSA, Morning […]

Biden campaign says debate 'did not change the horse race' 

President Biden’s campaign said in a memo Saturday that Biden’s poor performance in Thursday night’s presidential debate “did not change the course of the race.” “Preliminary polling from CNN, 538, Survey USA, Morning Consult and Data for Progress indicates that, as we expected, the debate did not change the course of the race,” Biden campaign […]

ROOKE: Senate Failed To Pass Trojan Horse Bill That Would’ve Been Parents’ Worst Nightmare

Finally, Republicans did something that mattered. Senate Democrats failed to force through a bill that would have restricted parental rights and legalized the sterilization of minors by disguising it as reproductive rights legislation. SB 4381, the “Right to Contraception Act,” would have superseded any federal or state regulations that limited the ability of doctors or […]