Israel Says Hamas Holding Hostages In Rafah Where Benjamin Netanyahu Plans Offensive

He did not say whether the brigade would be deployed inside the Gaza Strip. Jerusalem: Israel announced Sunday that Hamas was holding hostages in Rafah, southern Gaza, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to launch a ground invasion despite international protests. “Hamas is still holding hostages in Gaza. We also have hostages in Rafah and […]

American hostages: A look at three US citizens being wrongfully detained overseas

There are approximately eight Americans still being held by Hamas since it started a war with Israel last October, but roughly 50 Americans are being wrongfully held by foreign governments worldwide. One of the most famous cases of Americans being held overseas is Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, who was detained by Russia in […]

House Republicans urge Biden for ‘expedient release’ of hostages in Gaza

First appearance on Fox: The House Republican Caucus urged President Biden to “ensure the prompt release” of Americans held hostage by Hamas terrorists and to express Israel’s “unalienable right to self-defense.” . “We write this letter today to express our full support to the State of Israel in its fight against Hamas, and specifically to […]

Israeli Familes Continue to Plead for Release of Hostages

As the war between Israel and Hamas continues, Israeli families continue to pray for the release of the hostages. The war has been going on for six months, and Israeli families are demanding the return of their loved ones, including Liran Berman, whose twin brother is a Hamas hostage. “It’s a roller coaster of emotions. […]

White House urges Hamas to release hostages as relatives meet with Harris

The White House pushed back on calls for a ceasefire in the Israel–Hamas conflict by calling for the terrorist group to release hostages it has held for six months. “You have a party, Hamas, who is holding innocent people that it took hostage a long time ago,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan said. “There could […]

Biden Calls for Unilateral Ceasefire in Gaza — Before Israeli Hostages Freed

President Joe Biden on Tuesday called for a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for six to eight weeks before the remaining Israeli hostages are released by Hamas and Israel’s military and diplomatic position is undermined. I asked him to accept it. Biden’s remarks, which were recorded last week, were broadcast by Univision. As Breitbart […]

Families of hostages held by Hamas mark somber 6-month milestone 

The families of four hostages still held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip marked a solemn milestone on Sunday, exactly six months since Palestinian militants invaded southern Israel and kidnapped around 240 people. Former hostage Aviva Siegel and her family spoke to The Hill on Sunday ahead of a large rally in Washington, D.C., urging […]


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