Nebraska bill would stop corporations from buying up houses

A Nebraska lawmaker whose north Omaha neighborhood has long suffered from a housing shortage is pushing a bill that would make Nebraska the first state in the nation to ban out-of-state hedge funds and other corporations from buying up homes. family property. Sen. Justin Wayne’s bill mirrors legislative efforts in other states and Congress to […]

Candace Cameron Bure, aka ‘Full House’s’ DJ Tanner, faith

Some know her as DJ Tanner from “Full House,” while others know her as the “Queen of Christmas” from the popular Hallmark movie. “But her real name is Candace Cameron Bure,” said Allie Beth Stuckey, adding that the actress “has been a light in the darkness of the media industry for a very long time” […]

White House’s Kirby to get expanded role

John Kirby, who became a fixture at news conferences amid Russia’s war in Ukraine and fighting between Israel and Hamas, has an expanded role in the White House. Kirby has been promoted from deputy assistant to the president to chief of staff, and his new title will be White House national security communications adviser, a […]

Florida’s surging home insurance costs rattle seniors who want to keep houses

Home insurance costs in storm-hit Florida are at a crisis point, and seniors are increasingly worried about whether they will be able to keep their homes. Real estate agents and mortgage lenders who spoke to the Post said insurance companies in the Sunshine State are forcing prospective buyers to look for cheaper homes. Meanwhile, existing […]

Locals nervous as Minnesota billionaire buys 10 ‘crap’ houses

A flashy, McLaren-driving member of America's fourth-richest family has raised eyebrows and left neighbors “concerned” after he bought 10 houses and called them “rubbish”. Kathy Cargill is listed as manager We are members of North Shore LS, LLC, a private company that shops for real estate in Park Point, a picturesque neighborhood along the 11-mile-long […]

Japan Tallies 48 Deaths, ’90 Percent of Houses’ Destroyed at Earthquake Epicenter

The mayor of Japan's Suzu said on Tuesday that “90 percent of the homes” in the small peninsular town were “completely or almost completely destroyed” after a devastating 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck near the city. estimated. The earthquake occurred on Monday, January 1st, on the Noto Peninsula on the west coast of Honshu.This region has experienced […]


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