Housing prices soar to a new all-time high in March

ResiClub co-founder and editor-in-chief Lance Lambert talks about the US housing affordability crisis on “Making Money.” Home prices hit a new record in March. Housing shortageThis is despite rising mortgage rates putting home buying out of reach for more Americans. The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index showed Tuesday that national home prices rose 6.5% year-over-year in […]

Kari Lake says illegal immigration adding to housing affordability crisis

EXCLUSIVE — Arizona Republican Senate contender Kari Lake said the explosion of immigration over the past few years has hurt housing affordability. Lake, a former TV news anchor and 2022 GOP gubernatorial candidate, told the Washington Examiner during an interview focused on economic policy that the flood of immigrants into the United States has had […]

Tenant rights organizer sees opportunity amid housing crunch

As economic power concentrates in the housing market amid the highest inflation in 40 years, one tenant rights activist sees an opportunity to pursue fundamental changes in the way America approaches affordable housing. . Tara Raghuveer, founder of Kansas City’s influential Tenants Union and organizer of the National Federation of Tenants Unions, is leveraging the […]

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, December 2023 Update

Down from 2022 highs: San Francisco -12%, Seattle -11%, Portland -6%; Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas -5%; Dallas -4%, San Diego -2%, Los Angeles -1%. But new highs in 8 metros. Today’s S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index for “October” is a three-month moving average of home prices whose sales were entered into public records in August, September, […]

Illegals list demands FREE food, housing, lawyers

A group of migrants camping in Denver, Colorado, is refusing to be evicted from their temporary homes under bridges and near railroad tracks. Palestinian flags are also displayed in some of the migrant camps. Instead of being asked to move to city-funded shelter-in-place shelters, the migrants have submitted a list of 13 demands to Mayor […]

Fire destroys shopping complex housing 1,400 outlets in Poland’s capital

A massive fire has broken out at a vast shopping complex housing around 1,400 stores in Poland’s capital. According to authorities, the fire broke out in Warsaw’s Bialoreka district. As a result of this accident, more than 80% of the complex was destroyed by fire, causing extensive damage. A massive fire broke out at a […]