Bitcoin Runes Haven't Lived Up to the Hype? It's Still Too Early to Say – Decrypt

runes, a new alternative token standard for Bitcoin, excited enthusiasts when it was launched in April during the quadrennial Bitcoin halving event. However, less than a month later, the initial impact appears to have been less significant than many Bitcoin supporters expected. Rune’s launch certainly saw some immediate activity, with hundreds of token tickers launched […]

How to value the spring hype for three rookies

fantasy baseball Managers are very predictable during this time. Open a discussion about veteran draft picks like Nick Castellanos or Teoscar Hernandez and you’ll get ADP data and a thesis on why you should be wary of talent fading with age. But when you ask him about reaching out to newcomers like Wyatt Langford and […]

From hipster hype to financial flop: Vice Media, RIP

In the end, Vice Media was nothing more than a hipster pyramid scheme preying on the elderly. Last week, the company announced it would lay off hundreds of staff and stop publishing content on Following last year’s bankruptcy filing, CEO Bruce Dixon said it was no longer “cost-effective” to distribute its own content and […]

LIV Teases Golfer’s Legendary Comeback with Over-the-Top Hype Video

Anthony Kim is not a superhero who can defy the laws of nature. Or is it him? LIV’s new hype video will try to convince you that he is. last weekend, golf channel report Anthony Kim, a former golf prodigy who has been away from the sport for 12 years since injuring his Achilles tendon […]