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Joe Biden’s hypocritical response to SCOTUS ruling

President Biden may need to step back from the podium for a bit. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity, the President delivered a speech in which he sharply criticized the Supreme Court’s decisions that gave former President Donald Trump absolute immunity for presidential actions and presumed immunity for “official actions.” In his speech, […]

What Makes Biden and Yellen’s “Global Minimum Tax” Push So Hypocritical

Joe and Janet the robber barons Imagine if oil companies got together and agreed to charge consumers no less than $3.50 per gallon for gas. Let’s call it a “global minimum price.” How long—in minutes—do you think it would take for the news media to cry foul and for the Justice Department to file an […]

Carbon Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Hypocritical

If global warming is truly an existential threat, then the nation’s elites are a threat and should be dealt with accordingly.   Of all the varieties of hypocrites, carbon hypocrites are among the worse, because they harm poor people the most. You’ve heard about the two-faced archetypes: Uber-wealthy and powerful, they say that global warming is […]

Anti-police New York City Council members called ‘hypocritical’

A New York City police officer has accused anti-police councilors of “hypocrisy” after they begged police to rescue them after receiving “terrifying” threats. new york postcites sources in the New York City Police Department saying that after threats were made against New York City Councilmembers Chi Ose and Shahana Hanif, as well as Yusef Salam […]

Jewish NYU professor lashes out at hypocritical anti-Israel protesters

A Jewish professor at New York University has slammed anti-Israel student demonstrators, accusing them of a “double standard” that allows anti-Semitism to spread when hatred against other groups spreads. “I can tell you, if I put on a white hood and went to the plaza at New York University and said, ‘I’m going to lynch […]

Sage Steele: women in sports media are ‘hypocritical’

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele commented that when she chose to stand up to men who identify as women in sports, she received zero support from women in the industry. Steele, who appeared on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter,” responded to a clip in which former swimmer Riley Gaines asked Steele how much support he had […]

Harris slams Alabama IVF ruling as hypocritical, ‘shocking’

Vice President Harris on Thursday denounced the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling that frozen embryos are human beings as hypocritical and placed the blame on former President Trump. “Think about it: Individuals and couples who want to start a family are currently being deprived of access to things that would help them start a family,” she […]

Hypocritical definitions of ‘academic freedom’ empower extremists 

American Association of University Professors (AAUP) That’s exactly right It calls itself “the most prominent guardian of academic freedom” for American faculty and students. statement However, regarding the Israel-Hamas war, the AAUP has published a disastrous anti-Israel article entitled “A Polarized Age Calls for Robust Academic Freedom,” which sadly undermines its commitment to equal protection […]

Scaramucci blasts Hochul for ‘totally hypocritical’ comments on migrant crisis

Anthony Scaramucci, who briefly served as White House press secretary in the Trump administration, on Friday called out New York Governor Kathy Hochul over her “hypocritical” comments urging immigrants not to come to New York. . New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the Biden administration have been at odds in recent months over the […]