Masters: Max Homa hysterical 8-word reaction to losing out to Scottie Scheffler

Max Homa entered Sunday’s final round of the 88th Masters Tournament two strokes behind leader Scottie Scheffler. Homa continued to hit great iron shots. Unfortunately, his putter let him down by missing a number of winnable birdie putts on the front nine. Nevertheless, the Burbank, Calif., native found himself at the top of the leaderboard […]

Media are desperately distracting us with an agenda of hysterical noise

You’re already dead, don’t worry. We are all. The civil war started a few weeks ago, and it absolutely killed us all.As Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch explained January 25th, “Eagle Pass is today’s Fort Sumter,” where the war began. Last month, the first shot in a nationwide conflagration was imminent. Bunch said Texas Governor […]

Paige Spiranac drops hysterical take on Tiger Woods’ new Sun Day Red line

On Monday night, Tiger Woods unveiled his new clothing line, Sunday Red. He has partnered with TaylorMade to create a line of unique, high-end shoes and clothing that has fans rushing to the store. The next day, golf influencer Paige Spiranac decided to enjoy some related fun. Spiranac took to X (formerly Twitter) to post […]

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Hysterical Style In American Politics

Once upon a time, in the post-Joe McCarthy era and Barry Goldwater's candidacy, liberal political scientist Richard Hofstadter called extremism fueled by a long-standing conspiracy of the right's “paranoid style.” Records are now recorded in chronological order. But especially in the 21st century, the left's “hysterical style” of fabricating scandals and manipulating perceived tensions for […]

Justin Thomas enforces ‘Bama bet on Sam Burns with hysterical consequences

A friendly bet between PGA Tour veterans caused a lot of laughter among those who watch golf and college football. Sam Barnes and Justin Thomas appeared to be betting on the big game between Alabama and LSU. Barnes lost that bet as the Crimson Tide defeated the Tigers 42-28 in Tuscaloosa. They were both in […]

Golf ball rollback timeline revealed, prompting the most amazing, hysterical reactions

The age of golf rollbacks has arrived. Although technically not yet, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and golf’s governing body, the R&A, announced Wednesday a schedule for rolling back golf balls. After the news broke, golf fans took to social media to express their emotions, with the word “rollback” trending. Both institutions have proven […]

John Daly drops hysterical 6-word reaction to viral barefoot field goal video

John Daly never ceases to amaze. Whether he’s drinking a Diet Coke on the course, enjoying a cigarette, or driving around a Champions Tour event in a golf cart, he always attracts attention. Last week was no exception. Daly stunned the golf world with his barefoot field goal, replicating the 50-yard field goal he drilled […]

GREG GUTFELD: Let’s not get too hysterical over last night’s GOP debate

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. So let’s have a lively discussion. Eight people of all ages, backgrounds, and talents were right there in my bedroom. In the end, the SWAT team succeeded in encircling Kudrow.There was also the first Republican presidential debate. Each candidate tried to show why they could do a […]