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Trump’s GOP platform: The ideas whose time has come

On June 16, 2025, Republicans will celebrate the 10th anniversary of a speech that changed the course of the party, American politics and perhaps human history. It was the day Donald Trump descended the escalators of Manhattan’s Trump Tower and delivered a speech that shook the Republican Party to its core. The limping elephant with […]

Up your egg game: new ideas for brunch | Brunch

“The definition of brunch is very flexible, but it’s a hearty meal eaten during a lazy day.” Acoobe Residing in London, BethlehemBrunch also has a casual vibe and is less fancy and stressful than a dinner party, he says. “Brunch is also a more affordable way to socialize,” adds Natasha Salis. May + Harvey Located […]

Firing a Shotgun Into the Air, Shooting to Wound and Other Dangerous Ideas

When Joe Biden announced last week that police should shoot to wound rather than shoot to stop the threat, most people ignored his crazy ideas and considered them merely the rantings of an 80-year-old man likely suffering from dementia, who has lived most of his adult life in a bubble surrounded by armed protective details. […]

‘Our Wonderful Cast’ Reflects ‘All Sorts of Political Ideas’

Famous director Francis Ford Coppola praises the cast of his new film megalopolis At a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, he defended his casting decisions, including Oscar winner Jon Voight, an ardent supporter of President Trump. “One of the things about our amazing cast is that they represent all kinds of […]

Apple’s awful iPad ad shows it has run out of ideas

Break it down! | iPad Pro | Apple www.youtube.com Given the prominence of psychedelic drugs in Big Tech mythology, I think it would be a mistake to share a story I heard about Steve Jobs and the devil. As the story progresses, when asked what he learned from LSD, Steve replies that he sold his […]

Unique outdoor spring date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy this season

Looking for spring date ideas? Many people in the United States spend the months leading up to spring avoiding the cold. The arrival of spring is the perfect time to get your dose of vitamin D and enjoy the warm weather again. Long-distance date ideas that allow you to be together even when you’re apart […]

Trump ‘Has Simple-Minded Ideas About How the World Works’

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton told MSNBC’s “Deadline” on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump had “simple ideas about how the world works.” “I think it’s important to understand that he has no philosophy, and this is especially important for Trump’s critics to understand,” Bolton said. He does not think in terms of policy, […]

Zelensky says he doesn’t need ‘primitive’ ideas from Trump on Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in an interview Tuesday that he doesn’t need former President Trump’s “primitive” ideas on how to resolve the war with Russia. In an interview with Politico and other news outlets, Axel Springer, Zelenskiy said he was ready to listen to President Trump’s war proposal, but added: If it’s an idea, […]