Atlanta hijacker who led police on wild chase in crowded public bus identified

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Texas human smuggling suspects identified, face organized crime charges

Texas law enforcement officials have indicted seven suspects on human trafficking and organized crime-related charges after discovering a safe house with 26 victims on Thursday. Last Thursday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies busted a human trafficking operation using a long goose-neck trailer headed to a rural home, described by authorities as an […]

Mannheim Anti-Islamification Rally Knife Attacker Identified as Afghan Migrant

The knife-wielding man who carried out a vicious attack on an anti-Islamisation protest in Mannheim, Germany on Friday has been identified as an immigrant from Afghanistan who came to Germany 10 years ago. be report from BuildAccording to Germany’s largest-circulation newspaper, Bayern Munich, the brutal knife attack that shocked the country was carried out by […]

Suspect identified in Massachusetts stabbing spree

Massachusetts prosecutors on Sunday charged a 26-year-old man with attempted murder in a stabbing that left at least two people injured at a rest stop the previous day. Authorities have charged Jared Ravizza with two stabbings that happened at a McDonald’s in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Saturday and said he may also be the perpetrator in […]

‘Chimney Doe’ identified in Wisconsin after 35 years

Police in Wisconsin have finally solved a half-century-old mystery surrounding bones found in a music store’s chimney. The DNA Doe Project, a nonprofit organization that uses genealogy to identify unidentified people, said the body matched that of Ronnie Joe Kirk from Tulsa, Oklahoma. wisconsin state journal report. But how he got there and how he […]

Remains of 17-year-old soldier killed in Korean War identified

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Remains of New York man identified after being found in 2021

The skeletal remains of a New York City man missing since 2011 have been found in New Jersey and recently identified, authorities announced Monday. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that the body was that of Kevin Morris, 21. Morris was 32 years old when she was reported missing in October 2011. […]