Corporate bias watchdog reveals extent of Fortune 10 companies’ ideological capture

of 1792 exchangeA corporate bias watchdog group aims to restore political neutrality to boards of directors and fully combat woke capital. Another terrifying piece of insight It extends to the extent of ideological control in America’s Fortune 10 companies. The watchdog’s recent analysis, a significant addition to its database that tracks the political preferences of […]

Sydney Stabbing That Killed 6 Was Not Ideological Attack, Say Cops

“This was a terrible scene,” Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cook said at a news conference. Sydney: Sydney police on Sunday ruled out terrorism or ideology as a motive after a man killed six people in a random stabbing at one of the city’s busiest shopping centers on Saturday. . Police were called to the Westfield Bondi […]

Chuck Todd Falsely Claims Attack on Ronna McDaniel ‘Not Ideological’

NBC News podcaster Chuck Todd falsely claimed that the McCarthyite attack on former RNC Secretary Ronna McDaniel was not political. The man who spent years spreading Russian collusion rumors before being forced out of his job at DEI meet the press Gig threw a full-fledged tantrum as a guest. meet the press NBC was criticized […]

Tennessee House passes bill to ban Pride, other ‘ideological’ flags in schools

The Tennessee House of Representatives passed it overwhelmingly. invoice The measure would ban the display of nearly all types of “ideological” flags, including Pride flags, in public and charter schools. On Monday, Tennessee lawmakers voted 70-24 in favor. HB1605It prohibits public schools and classrooms from displaying flags that “represent political viewpoints, including but not limited […]

New York Times warns of ‘ideological extremism’ by transgender activists, highlights detransitioners’ nightmare of ‘gender-affirming care’ as children​

The New York Times published an article warning of the potential dangers for children receiving so-called “gender-affirming care.” The article mentions several people who have reversed their gender transition after realizing that puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery are not the panacea that doctors and transgender activists touted. The New York Times publishes an opinion […]

Climate Alarmism ‘Is Not Political,’ ‘Not Ideological’

US climate change king John Kerry insisted over the weekend that “nobody can stop” the ongoing energy transition even if Democrats lose the White House. in interview Mr Kerry was asked on Singapore TV whether the 2024 election could bring about major changes to current US climate policy. “Nobody can stop it. I don’t think […]

Rowling refers to the term ‘cis’ as ‘ideological language’

Proponents of radical left gender ideology use the term “cisgender” to refer to people who identify with their biological sex, while “Harry Potter” author J.K. noted that it has the right to refuse the use of such language. “‘Sith’ is an ideological language, meaning a belief in an irrefutable notion of gender identity. We have […]