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Seal the Border, Demolish Radical Gender Ideology

The Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Platform Committee has formally adopted former President Donald Trump’s 2024 Republican Party Platform with “overwhelming” support, detailing a comprehensive plan with 20 key points in a press release. Before getting into specifics, the committee emphasized that despite America’s history of greatness, the country is currently at a critical juncture where […]

Gaming conference admits ‘The Sims 4’ pushed gender ideology

Video game trade fair Gamescom has warned that The Sims 4 producers intentionally forced gender ideology on gamers, ” [sic] She pioneered “avenues for queer characters,” including the use of preferred pronouns. The German trade fair posted a post celebrating Pride Month in June 2024, highlighting people in the gaming industry based on their sexual […]

Labour Party Looks to Push Transgender Ideology in Schools

A left-wing Labour party might consider repealing government guidance that requires schools to teach children that there are only two biological sexes, but given the Conservative government’s failure to turn the policy into law this guidance could easily be overturned. Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson Said If Labour is elected, as is widely expected, it […]

Israel Army Says Hamas Can’t Be Defeated ‘As As Ideology’

More than 37,000 people have been killed in Gaza since October in Israeli retaliation against Hamas. Jerusalem: A top Israeli military spokesman said Wednesday that Hamas could not be eliminated, and the government responded swiftly, reiterating its continued commitment to destroying the Palestinian militant group. More than eight months of war, which began with an […]

More People in Red States Died from COVID Because of ‘Political Ideology’

Former White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday that Republican-leaning states have seen more COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations than Democratic-leaning states because of “political ideology.” Co-host Jonathan Lemire said, “We’re in a moment right now where that division has made it politicized. Vaccination in particular has become politicized, […]

Trump Vows to Keep ‘Radical Left Wing Gender Ideology Away’ from Kids

Former President Donald Trump vowed to “keep radical left-wing gender ideology away from” children during a roundtable discussion in Michigan on Saturday afternoon. “I will keep radical left gender ideology away from our young people,” Trump began, adding, “I will remove men from women’s sports.” “I will keep radical left gender ideology away from young […]

University of Iowa latest school to restructure DEI office while keeping ideology alive

A growing number of universities are axing their diversity, equity, and inclusion requirements, but the University of Iowa became the latest to restructure its DEI office while attempting to preserve the operational ideology. The University of Iowa announced that it restructured the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, rebranding it as the Division of Access, […]

Climate Ideology in America’s Classrooms

America’s K-12 classrooms are increasingly becoming indoctrination centers for a one-sided view of climate change, aka, global warming and the supposed existential threat to humankind. The Biden administration, universities, left-of-center think tanks and state governments are developing and spreading climate change curriculum that also contains an explicit activist bent to turn the nation’s children into […]