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NCAA tennis star Fiona Crawley upset over inability to collect US Open prize money

North Carolina Tar Heels star tennis player Fiona Crawley qualified for the US Open this year, and although her run didn’t last long, an interesting note about her NCAA eligibility made headlines at the tournament. . Crowley lost in straight sets to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the first round of the tournament on Tuesday. She and […]

China Mocks Biden’s Inability to Handle Hawaii Fires

Chinese state media this week gleefully ridiculed President Joe Biden for failing to handle the Hawaii issue. Forest fire. The editorial pushed the Communist Party’s claim that only an authoritarian government could handle a disaster of this magnitude, and mocked the US for prioritizing military spending over disaster response. Chinese President Xi Jinping on May […]

Crenshaw grills witness over inability to cite benefits of trans surgeries

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Wednesday lashed out at Democratic witnesses for failing to cite medical research that described the benefits of transgender surgery for minors. Crenshaw’s comments at a hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee said he would withdraw funding from certain hospitals that provide surgery, puberty inhibitors and sex hormones […]

Most Germans Fear Future War, Inability of their Country to Defend Itself

A poll has revealed that more than half of Germans believe their country could go to war in the future and that the country cannot defend itself. A survey conducted by the R+V insurance company found that more than half of Germans fear that the country itself will be actively involved in the war in […]