India’s Modi Upstages Biden on Canceled Pacific Tour

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received an enthusiastic reception in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, on Sunday, where the Papua New Guinea prime minister received a warm welcome, including touching his feet in traditional Indian respect for elders. rice field. Prime Minister Modi is on a tour of the Pacific, starting with the G7 summit […]

To avoid economic meltdown, the Fed should follow India’s COVID model

Banking crisis looming on the one hand, stubborn inflation on the other. That is the enviable predicament of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Powell recommends recognizing how the Fed’s monetary policy is causing a banking crisis and seeking a course correction. Otherwise, the U.S. economy faces a prolonged winter. Fortunately, there is a road map […]

India’s SVC Bank Reassures Depositors It Has Nothing to Do with Collapsing SVB Bank

India’s tiny SVC Co-Operative Bank has raced over the weekend to reassure depositors that it has nothing to do with California’s crumbling Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). In addition to the confusion caused by the similarity of names, an SVC executive said there were circulating “social media rumors” linking the two banks, claiming that the SVC […]

India’s government tells citizens to hug cows on Valentine’s Day

The Animal Welfare Department, run by the Indian government, has urged citizens to mark this year’s Valentine’s Day as ‘Cow Hug Day’ to better promote Hindu values, rather than as a celebration of romance. India’s Animal Welfare Commission said on Wednesday, “Hugging a cow brings emotional enrichment and enhances individual and collective well-being.” Devout Hindus, […]