Ditching Columbus Day for ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ Is ‘Kind of Woke Lefty Nonsense’ Bob Casey Embraces

Pennsylvania Republican Senate Candidate Dave McCormick on SiriusXM Breitbart News Saturdaycriticized his opponent, Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania), for his constitutional letter expressing his willingness to change Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day.” In his letter, Casey criticizes Columbus Day, highlights a bill to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, and says he will keep […]

Indigenous Leaders Sign Treaty Granting Whales Legal Personhood

To protect whale populations from the effects of climate change, many indigenous leaders from across the Pacific have signed a treaty granting legal personality to all whales, NPR reported Wednesday. “What we’re trying to accomplish here is give whales certain rights.” Said Mele Takoko is a conservationist who founded the Hinemoana Halo Ocean Initiative, which […]

Colombia’s president suspends ceasefire after attack on Indigenous community

Colombian President Gustavo Petro suspended the ceasefire after the mayor of Estado Central attacked an indigenous community. The government announced it would resume military operations against the rebels from Wednesday. Indigenous leaders in Cauca reported attacks by rebels that left at least three people injured. Colombian President Gustavo Petro on Sunday suspended a ceasefire with […]

Indigenous Women in Mexico Ask Cartel Boss to Help Stop Violence

A group of indigenous women in Mexico contacted the most sadistic cartel leaders, not the authorities or the government, asking for help from the country's deadly quartet violence. The women asked cartel bosses to protect them from local bosses who were carrying out kidnappings, murders, and extortion in their communities. In this video, a group […]