Mexican cartel infiltrated Montana by targeting Native Americans: report

The report said Mexican cartels began operating on Indian reservations where law enforcement was lacking, flooding Montana with fentanyl and methamphetamine. “They know who to choose,” said Stephanie Iron Shooter, director of American Indian Health for the Montana Department of Health and Human Services. he told NBC News. “Just like any other prey-versus-predator situation, that’s […]

Iran’s Proxies Have ‘Definitely Infiltrated Our Wide Open’ Border

Joe Kent, Republican candidate for Washington state’s 3rd Congressional District and former Chief Warrant Officer 3 of the Army Special Forces, said in an exclusive interview that Iranian agents who just killed three soldiers in Jordan are also safe. “They are definitely entering the United States” through the country’s southern border, he said. He called […]

Ron Johnson warns ‘radical left has infiltrated’ every US institution

Sen. Ron Johnson said Tuesday on “The Faulkner Focus” that efforts to remove former President Trump from state ballots are just the latest example of the radical left trying to “tear this country apart.” Stated. Johnson (R-Wis.) said the United States is divided from the “left” and criticized mainstream media for acting as advocates and […]

2 Gazans Who Infiltrated During October 7 Attacks Arrested In Israel

Since then, Israel has waged a relentless military campaign in the Gaza Strip. (File) Israeli police announced on Tuesday that they had arrested two Gazans, one of them a Hamas fighter, who were found hiding in southern Israel after infiltrating the country during the October 7 attack. confirmed. The detention was first reported by Israeli […]

how Hamas’ influence has infiltrated schools and the media

The Hamas network has penetrated the United States, but the media ignores it, even though it is well documented in a George Washington University report. The report details the formation of Hamas in 1987. Immediately after its formation, branches and sects of the Muslim Brotherhood operated around the world to support them. In 1988, the […]

Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot Infiltrated by Malware Advertising

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat has recently fallen prey to sophisticated malware advertising campaigns, where malicious ads infiltrate conversations and direct users to fake download sites known to distribute malware. peepee computer report Microsoft’s Bing Chat emerged as the software giant’s answer to Google’s dominance in the search industry. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 engine, the latest […]

I infiltrated the Taylor Swift fan Discord to talk about Travis Kelce

It all started three weeks ago, when rumors of a relationship between Travis Kelsey and Taylor Swift were smoldering. I know the only way to get real information about what the Swifties think about Kelce is to infiltrate their sources, turn over every rock, and meet them on their own turf. I was there. It […]


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