Interest rate cut odds dwindle as inflation progress stalls

Market Rebellion co-founder Pete Najarian talks about the Fed’s slow rate cut, inflation, and the US market. A series of better-than-expected inflation figures since the start of the year have made it less likely that the central government will cut interest rates immediately. federal reserve. of consumer price indexprices, a broad measure of the price […]

Fed’s Powell says inflation data this year shows a ‘lack of progress’

Philip Palumbo, founder and CEO of Palumbo Wealth Management, offers tips on how investors can build a healthy portfolio in The Craman Countdown. federal reserve Chairman Jerome Powell The governor said on Tuesday that it would likely take “longer than expected” for inflation to reach the central bank’s 2% target, raising new questions about when […]

Biden must stop inflation denial and quit doing dumb things

Rep. Jason Smith, R-Missouri, said on “Kabuto: Coast to Coast” that inflation has increased by 19.4% since Joe Biden took office. So these three middle-aged men go for their annual checkups. They receive terrible news. They have high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and an additional two pounds would officially classify them as “severely obese.” […]

Abortion or inflation: Which will matter more in 2024?

Presidential elections tend to be referendums on the incumbent. But in a campaign that many expected to see more personal attacks between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, abortion and inflation were two issues that were on the rise from president to president. The entire voting period will play a key role in […]

83% of Americans Cutting Back on Personal Spending Due to Inflation

The vast majority of Americans are cutting back on their spending because of rising inflation, according to new survey data. Provident Bank based in New Jersey released the report, which found that roughly 83% of those surveyed have cut back on personal spending due to inflation, with about 23% saying they have made “drastic changes” to […]

Surging US energy shares reflect robust growth, inflation worries –

Louis Krauskopf NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. energy stocks are soaring as investors look to protect their portfolios from a worrying resurgence in inflation while benefiting from higher oil prices and a better-than-expected economy. The energy sector is up about 17% in 2024, roughly doubling the year-to-date return of the broader index. Its rally has […]

Spending in ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Will Make It Harder to Lower Inflation

On Friday’s CNBC broadcast of “Squawk on the Street,” BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said it will be difficult to achieve 2% inflation, in part because “we have the CHIPS Act, the Infrastructure Act, And we have $1 trillion in fiscal stimulus in the Infrastructure Act.” It’s an IRA. ” “Even if everyone was excited, it […]

There’s A Big, Thorny Issue Dashing Hopes Of Reining In Inflation Anytime Soon

Inflation continues to dog Americans thanks in large part to sky-high housing costs, which aren’t going away in the near future. The cost of renting or buying a home has increased dramatically since President Joe Biden first took office, rising 5.65% from a year ago and 20.5% since January 2021, according to the Federal Reserve […]


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