Kate Beckinsale begs for ‘insidious bullying’ by online trolls to stop

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Trump, MAGA and the insidious underbelly of white supremacy in America 

Despite boycotting three Republican primary debates and suffering numerous setbacks in criminal and civil court, Donald Trump still maintains a commanding lead in the polls. Even as he burns the flames, hatred and violence Former president receives surprising support during election campaign 60-70 percent of Republican voters He will then narrowly defeat President Biden in […]

‘Insidious’ Chinese espionage reaches ‘epic scale,’ British security chief, FBI warn

The head of Britain’s MI-5 intelligence agency this week highlighted the “epic scale” of Chinese espionage in the private sector. This includes tens of thousands of recruitment approaches from Chinese operatives. “Every week our teams detect a large amount of covert activity, particularly from China, but also Russia and Iran,” MI-5 chief Ken McCallum said […]

insidious movement sweeping globe wizards occultists priests

Humans are hardwired to worship. Even people who swear to reject all religion can’t help but worship something, whether it’s technology, entertainment, or themselves. “In the absence of reliable guardrails and authorities; [people] “You start worshiping everything,” says Zero Hour’s James Pross. Writer and writer Joe Allen also joins the show to discuss another thing […]

Sound of Freedom Climbs Back to No. 1, Beating Insidious and Indiana Jones

The surprise indie hit of 2023 is back at the top of the box office. Faith-focused film by Angel Studios sound of freedom returned to No. 1 on Monday and remained there on Tuesday, beating out not only a Disney film but also the weekend’s No. 1 horror film. on tuesday, sound of freedom Generated […]

Maverick’ as ‘Insidious Military Propaganda’

An opinion piece published by MSNBC on the eve of the Oscars was a smash hit Top Gun: Maverick “Most Insidious Film” at the awards. It further warns that the Tom Cruise epic is poised to be “canonized as a highly embellished film.” MSNBC opinion writer/editor Zeeshan Aleem contributed an article under the headline “‘Top […]