‘The Bachelor’s Joey Graziadei Is Owning His Ruth Bader Ginsberg And Kathie Lee Gifford Flubs: “Let The Internet Say What They Want To Say”

bachelor‘s Joey Graziadei has finished defending his latest pop culture gaffe. I’m definitely 28 years old bachelor’s degree Confused Gypsy Rose Blanchard replaces Ruth Bader Ginsburg in frustrating role “How often are you online?” Confusion. Yes, he surprised Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos by admitting he had no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford was during […]

FCC Commissioner: Ending affordable internet is a gut punch to US prosperity

of affordable connectivity program We help 23 million American households get online. However, on the February 8th program, started to loosen Due to lack of funds. New households are currently unable to join. Soon, today’s households will have to choose between price shock and disconnection. We cannot allow this to happen. The Affordable Connections Program […]

US Condemns Internet Shutdowns In Pakistan, Urges To Lift Social Media Ban

The United States called on Pakistan to respect freedom of expression and restore the internet in the country. Washington: The US State Department on Wednesday condemned the internet shutdown in Pakistan, including restrictions on social media platforms, and called on the Pakistani government to lift such restrictions. Advocates of internet surveillance point to internet outages […]

America is no longer a democracy — we’re governed by the internet Borg

according to report From an intergovernmental watchdog international ideas, half of the world’s democracies have shown signs of decline in the past five years. Well, not at all, Sherlock – in most of these democracies, people spend a good part of those five years barred from free intercourse, sometimes forced into medical intervention, if they […]

The internet has devolved into fast food for the soul

Today’s Internet is like Big Gulp. It’s a giant cup of colored water that’s filled with sweet dopamine and can be made into any flavor you want. Where did I go after waking up from my sugar coma? Is there an exit door to this Wonka nightmare factory?do Hotel California Does it offer anything else […]

Amnesty On Pak Internet Suspension

Mobile phone service in Pakistan was suspended after voting began due to the “deteriorating security situation”. islamabad: Amnesty International on Thursday described Pakistan’s decision to suspend mobile internet services for a day ahead of the general election as a “blatant attack on the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly”. In a statement, the […]

After sexual deepfake images Taylor Swift broke internet

About a week ago, AI-generated pornographic images of Taylor Swift took the internet by storm with surprising speed. The fake photos were so widespread that one image was published for just “about 17 hours” and “was seen on X 47 million times before it was taken down,” Hillary Kennedy told Pat Gray. After the images […]

Senegal restricts mobile internet amid protests over postponed election | Senegal

Senegal’s government has restricted access to mobile internet as opposition leaders and supporters launch protests against President Macky Sall’s decision to postpone presidential elections scheduled for February 25. . Mobile internet access was cut off in the capital Dakar and other parts of the country as parliament was due to consider a bill to extend […]

How to escape the surveillance state: Be wary of ‘the internet of things’

Editor’s note: We are facing an unprecedented moment in American history. Our government and multinational technology monopolies have made it clear that our people are targets of the vast surveillance state they have built.The deep state seeks to imprison those who share meme, Blaze Media Journalist, and even leading presidential candidates. It’s time for us […]

Heidi Klum Breaks The Internet With Eye-Popping Outfit

Supermodel Heidi Klum rocked a show-stopping minidress as she arrived at Warner Music Group’s pre-Grammy Awards party on Thursday. The Victoria’s Secret model grabbed all the cameras’ attention in a sleeveless, asymmetrical black dress that was precisely cut to accentuate her cleavage from every angle. The dress boasted a cutout in the front, a cleavage […]


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